Please just comment this is last straw now had enough

Right I've got this weird feeling at the side of my head like when I rub my tongue on left side and now I've stared gettin this horrible taste sometimes like mint and menthol and mouth waters I thaught it was acid reflux or gerd but someone said it could be nerve damage and I thaight oh ye it could be because I actuly smashed my left cheek bone to pieces in an accident could it be this it's giving me realy bad anxiety this taste tight chest and so on and also leading to othe symptoms please help please


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  • It cud be! Also weather plays a lot wen bones involved! If u sashed ur face it cud b acting up! Hay made a doc appt yet! Try to keep it together! It's happened to me! Just take some deep cleansing breaths! Start by breathing in thru ur nose and ou From ur mouth! Do this slowly for a minute and c how u feel! Godspeed!

  • deddweb01

    please respond in English so I can understand your post

  • I did respond in English I hope! I can only speak english

  • I did???

  • Hello John

    Do you think it could be your Health anxiety ?

    If you look back at your posts you swap mostly between this and your floaters as you let go of one for a while the other one takes over , I am not a Doctor and you could go & see one to ask but I have a feeling you are fine :-)

    John have you thought anymore about seeing your Doctor & getting some help :-)

    Take Care x

  • If you are not in pain and have no other symptoms the reality is that it's 99% all in your head. I used to be just like you. Change the way you think. You ARE healthy, start telling yourself it ;)

  • Thanks his for responding I don't think its in my head I. An actuli taste it haha but it's not constant maybe it could be the weather makejng me face play up because it was a bad break and bounce I see my floaters less I tend to try forget about them but I think my eye drops help x

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