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constant nerves

Okay so today I decided to finally take a Diazepam,it's strange. I do feel my body is moving slower and calmer but it must be physiologically creating this nervousness. I also pushed myself to go to a shopping centre alone and every time I felt dizzy,faint or weak, I just breathed in deep and told myself I'm okay.

It's this constant 'checking in' with ones self I find most torturous . I can barely remember the time when I was this carefree happy person who actually enjoyed spending alone time, now when I'm out I have this dizzy feeling the ground is moving and I need to get back to my safe place or person. Does anyone else relate to any of this?

As it's been hours since taking Diazepam, I am feeling slightly more relaxed whilst writing this and feeling a sense of achievement in going out alone...

If anyone has any coping mechanisms I would LOVE to hear them. Thanks in advance :)

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Hello Iamsarah29

I can relate to this to. I've had anxeity over a year now have the same symptoms as you. well done for going out alone it's a massive achievement

I go out alone and start to feel symptoms I want to come home. I still carry on feeling this way

I've brought Dr clare weekes book and is brilliant . I'm currently seeking cbt at the moment . things will get easier in time I don't take any medication as it don't agree with me .

so only self help with me

keep up the good work. ☺


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