constant dizziness/off balance feeling

anyone else constantly deal with feeling off-balance? how do you deal with it?

i'm having an extremely hard time getting a diagnoses for my symptoms but when my balance is off it shoots my anxiety up a lot. i know a lot of people on here deal with dizziness and stuff, what helps the sensation/helps you to calm down? thanks


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  • Hello 😌 sorry I don't have any advice for this one. I don't really experience off balance or dizziness but I do hear & read about a lot of people experiencing that with Anxiety! Have you ever noticed that a lot of people who have Anxiety usually experience the exact same symptoms? 😮 that helps me realize that I'm not alone & that Anxiety is very common! It helps ease my mind & let's me know that I'm not going to die from this, & that this is a Mental problem/disability that I need to overcome on my own ( Also with the Lord ) ❤ one day we ALL will overcome this & be happy again! 😁

  • I have suffered really bad dizziness off balance feeling had tests done couldn't find anything just my hearing in one ear not as good , still get it from time to time but think the more I focused on it the more it bothered me it just seemed to wear off , I do still suffering now an again but always some other symptom waiting in side line to take its place !!! x

  • I have it and it was caused by antibiotics, some of which can cause that well after you stop taking them. Do you know if you did? How long have you felt dizzy?

  • i think i've heard of what you're talking about. it's called being floxed i think? has information on it if you haven't alreaddy looked into it. mine was caused by a medication, but it was not an antibiotic. i've been this way fo 4 months along with other symptoms (headaches, eye pain, pressure) how long have you been suffering for?

  • Yes, I was floxed, and was re-floxed before I knew what it all was, so it's been six months for me, lots of symptoms. I do a lot to help myself, but it sure isn't fun. Just curious, what medication caused yours? I think some of the floxiehope info is good for other medication damage as well. I hope you're doing okay.

  • aww i'm so sorry to hear you're dealing with that. mine was caused by accutane, i had a really weird reaction to it and i haven't been the same since. what other symptoms are you dealing with other than dizziness? i hope you're doing okay as well :)

  • Oh, accutane is notorious, I've heard of that. So sorry. But you especially want to avoid all of the Fluoroquinolones in that case, forever. There are other antibiotics to take if you really need one, and I hope you won't. I have many symptoms besides the central nervous system stuff, tendon issues, muscle wasting, vision trouble, lots. I do intend to be one of the people who gets better, tho. :) Do you live in the States?

  • yeah it's super strong it sucks. i did a whole bunch of research on it and i thought i was going to be fine before taking it but low and behold i'm stuck with alll these symptoms :( i definitely will be avoiding those types of antiobiotics especially since my body reacted so horribly with the accutane :( it was only 4 pills and i still haven't recovered- wonder if i ever will. its annoying dealing with this since it interferes with my daily life. if it's not one thing, it's another. do you deal with headaches as well? and i live in canada! :)

  • Yes, I do have headaches, although it's more head pressure, and it's my least favorite symptom. It is so unpleasant and hard to function. With me it was 3 pills, and then 3 again later before I knew what was causing my many strange symptoms. I know of several floxed people in Canada as well. I live in New York. I think with these poisonings most people do get better with time. Knowing the cause is so important, so as to avoid things that can make it worse. So we're lucky in that regard. Do you take any supplements to help fortify yourself?

  • i don't, only because i don't know which to take. i don't know of anyone or have found anything on the internet of people suffering the same symptoms as me due to accutane :( i just avoid vitamin A because that's what accutane is mostly made of. do you take any supplements? do you have any recommendations on cleanses, supplements etc?

  • Well, I take a few--and remember, I'm floxed, and with anything you take, you should research well beforehand, as you have with vitamin A. But one thing most Floxies find esssential and which really cannot hurt anyone, is a magnesium supplement. Magnesium deficiency (caused by cipro et al) causes lots of our problems. I take magnesium malate each day, and it helps with pain. I avoid all pain killers and chemical stuff. I take a high dose buffered vitamin C every day, that cannot hurt and is a good antioxidant, I take vitamin D3, and because I tested positive for a gene mutation called MTHFR, which is common, I take a methylated B12 and a small dose of methylfolate. This helps me to filter toxins better. I drink lots of water, and I avoid fluoride as best I can. For my heart (bothered by the Cipro too) I take a CoQ10 supplement. All of these things cannot hurt to take. At the very least, you should consider magnesium and vitamin C, 2000 or so mg of C a day.

  • I suffered a vertigo type episode last December and for 3 years previous have had dizzy off balance episodes, been investigated and thought it my heart, but that ruled out. Had headscan and nothing sinister, still waiting for appointment with Ear Nose and Throat!

  • Do doctors have any clue what causes it? Do you get headaches and pressure and other symptoms too?

  • Doctors are unfortunately of little use for us for this, as they often don't believe it despite all that has been warned by the FDA, etc, and if they do believe it, they don't know what to do for it. YEs, I get head pressure and, in fact, pressure all over sometimes, jaw pressure, it's very uncomfortable, and dizziness too.

  • I had all those tests too, and ear nose throat--the tests don't show what it is. I think that the dizziness for me at least is central nervous system based, from being floxed.

  • I got this too. Not sure what is the trigger. 6 years ago was so ill with GERD, panic, etc. then endoscopy and eradicated h. Pylori with high dose antibiotics for sure. And since then i have this constant off balance, dizziness, light headed. is it due to anxiety? Just like of you have experienced, in and out of hospital to rule out all possible things, but they all came out clean.

    Currently taking xanax, lack of exercises, depressed.. any progress so far? Thanks...

  • Other physical symptoms too like severe fatigue, blurred vision, joint pain, ringing in the ear :)

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