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Severe constant panic, help?!?!?!?


So I've been having what seems like a constant panic attack since Tuesday morning, I had to fly to dublin and then to Portugal. When I arrived in dublin I immediately had a severe panic attack that seems to have persisted, here I am in Portugal and I'm convinced I've "dreamt about dying" here... everywhere I go I'm like "this is it" my chest is on fire and I'm so exhausted I keep feeling like I'm going to pass out at any moment :( please help guys, any suggestions? 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️

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Hi Harleycatpoison, did you know that flying tends to dehydrate you? That plus the altitude and maybe even a little fear of flying pushed you over the edge with panic. Try drinking water and do some deep breathing now that you are in Portugal. Make sure you eat something to give you some energy..Your chest feels like it's on fire due to the muscles being so incredibly tight. The feeling like you might pass out is from hyperventilating as well as not having had much water.

Try settling down and let us know how you are feeling in a little bit. Breathe Harley, breathe x

You are okay, you are safe...

This is my second day in Portugal, since I flew to dublin, I have been so, so terrified, immediately, convinced I was dying! I've been drinking litres of water every day but find myself feeling awfully tired, with the most awful pain in my neck, head and chest, from experiencing this many times before, I'm sure it's anxiety, I'm thinking about my death every few seconds or so and it's complete smothering me, I've ruined dinner with my family twice because I couldn't deal with the anxiety publicly :/

Harleycatpoison, I think I remember you writing that you have Fibro, so do I and I do know what flying can do to the muscles in your body. I'm sure the awful pain you are experiencing in your neck, head and chest are due from that. I'm glad to hear you are drinking enough water. You know flying itself can drain a person even if there isn't a time change. The altitude and the stress of the whole thing is tense.. I wish I could take away those thoughts that are smothering you every few seconds. That certainly isn't helping anxiety or muscle tension. You certainly aren't alone in ruining dinner because of anxiety publicly.

When I did go out to eat, I would always take the seat against the wall and have easy access to get up if I needed to. If it's a couple people, a booth always seemed to make me feel more hidden and protected. You know Harley we do what we have to for now. Just know it won't always be this way. I hope this improve shortly and you can enjoy some family time. x

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me, I appreciate it more than I can explain, I'm having such an awful times :( frealing out about every little thing... severe tiredness is driving me crazy, I'm never so tired That I literally can't keep my eyes open ... and that's leading me to say "oh, well there must be something wrong"

I'm also absolutely terrified of flying so I wouldn't be surprised:/ thank you for sharing your experiences and showing me support, I can't thank you enough 🖤I hope it at least gets easier soon...

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I fly sometimes and I'm usually drained of energy for days after it. I suppose some of us are just not good at it. Go relax in the sun with a good book or something, do things to take your mind of this thing that you are going through.

You will be ok.

Also that you so much for your reply ^^

I know how you feel. It's not the normal kind of tired. It's like you're going to collapse. I've been feeling the same way, and if i do anything stressful at all (like flying), I am absolutely wiped out with this tension in my chest and stomach where my breathing is not relaxed and comfortable, my heart feels like it's under strain, going faster, and I get out of breath easy. It is associated with anxiety, so the best thing to do is try not to pay the bad feelings much attention, but do rest when you need to. As you are able to relax and get your mind free from stress and worry, including worrying about how you feel, it will start to get better and you'll feel less tense and have more energy. Don't fret over the thoughts about dying. Those are part of anxiety too. Just tell yourself it's not true, and do not pay them any attention.

It's so nice to hear I'm not the only one, I'm on holiday right now and pissing everybody off because I'm so anxious and tired all the time, it's so shit :( thank you for sharing your experience and giving me advice, it really, truly helps!

Abdominal breathing, listening to calming music, drink chamomile tea, remind yourself that it's only anxiety and it's not dangerous (over and over again if need be), get enough rest/sleep, eat anxiety-reducing food (salmon, legumes, bananas, oatmeal, yoghurt); go for a walk or work out to wear off the extra adrenaline.

I have the same experience once I was flying back to Melbourne from overseas. Suddenly at the airport I felt so tired and so anxious and then I went to the GP at the airport and cancelled the flight.

Hello, Just try to relax. We all have had dreams. Just try and understand they don't happen. Try and relax and enjoy your time in Portugal. All these are symptoms of health anxiety. I have had this for years and I find speaking to who ever I am with about how I feel helps and then I can move forward and enjoy my day. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time. Just try and relax and understand they are erational thoughts

Guys I have it again ffs ... fuck anxiety :/ it's ruining my life... I'm sitting here about to vomit because I'm convinced I'm going to die... thank you guys for sharing your experience

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