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Constantly dying

I am so fed up with the feeling that I am dying of one disease or another, usually cancer of some description or heart attack.

I am 55 in three months and have had these thoughts on and off since I was 21, it gets me so down that even though I am afraid of dying, I consider taking my life.

Does anyone have similar thoughts and could anybody offer suggestions please



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Hi Andyp1203,

I too am afraid of dying but never ever thought of taking my own life;It maybe time for you to seek expert medical help regarding that type of thought.I am near to your age group and can honestly say that anxiety/depression played a big part in ruining my life.Its easy to say but i am determined for it not to ruin whats left but have left it like 30 years too late.

I found that walking and taking in lots of fresh air can help.

Good luck with your struggle.

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Thank you so much for your kind reply

Best wishes for the new year !


Yes I do. But we are strong, awesome individuals. Love yourself through it all. God bless. Happy New Year! 😚😊


Hi Andyp1203, It's sad that you have spent 34 years of your life worry about dying from a catastrophic illness. Anxiety has robbed you of years you cannot get back. However, you can change your negative thoughts around and live the remaining years of your life in peace, enjoyment and fulfillment. When we put so much energy into "what if" and "worry", if something did happen we would have no resources left to fight our disease. Just walk down a hospital hall one day or sit in the lobby of the hospital and take in the people who would switch with you in a minute if only they had a dread of a health issue and not the issue itself.

You'll see people of all ages, including children in all forms of debilitating diseases who are able to smile and look forward to each new day. I'm telling you, you will walk out of that hospital and thank your lucky stars that you are blessed in so many ways.

Considering taking one's life is always a red flag that professional help is needed. Life is precious, Life is a "one way ticket". No returns. We need to make the best of what we have.

Happy New Year! Happy Life!

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Keep your chin up andy mate their are people here that suffer your pain to,me being one of them i find that reading a book or watching the tv busies your mind and dont give you chance to think about it,With thoughts of one taking one,s life its time to see the doc and dont hold back tell them everything you are suffering their are organisations out their to help you through this,This community are here also to listen and give strength to you for your me anytime for a chat,Meet if your near for a coffee and destress its hard dealing with it on your own so make that call to your gp .

Thinking of you pal .. Lou

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