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Good day to panked out

Today started out great. Then just a little bit a go it all went down hill pank attacks just started attacking me in every which direction. Which stinks. I tried so hard to keep my mind in good places all day to be anxiety and pank free today. But it didn't work. Sometimes you feel that you cant beat it. But i know deep down there is a will that will helps us all who suffer get past it. So stay on that straight line.

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Hi I to feel this way at times , it's a horrible feeling and it's terrifying. I have to talk to my mind to control it and be optimistic about everything . You have to if not you'll sink in and it will control you . Prayer has also helped me so much . Once I start to feel weak minded and anxious I pray and it helps me alot. Hope you feel better !


U are giving yourself the best advice. U know it WILL pass and the trick is to allow yourself to go through it and out the other side. Keep at it.


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