Head neck and ear pain

Hi im new here and hoping to find some answeres is it possible to get neck and shoulder pain with health anxiety? ive been getting a bit of acid reflux which i think has triggered a bout of anxiety since the reflux ive been getting neck and shoulder pain also going into my head causing head ache and also making my ears feel full giving mild pain in both inner ear and outer ear have seen my gp who has told me its anxiety pls any help advice would be appreciated.

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  • I think those of us with anxiety get normal stuff like acid reflux (millions have it) and stuffy head and nose, and ear pain, BUT when we get normal stuff our anxiety sees it as dangerous and it shoots us into panic mode 24/7 -which then makes the illness feel worse and the anxiety feel horrible. It's a vicious cycle of oversensitive thoughts. Yes, I hate it Can you take some over the counter cold and acid meds to see how they help? Breath and know you are OK, normal, and it's that f-ing anxiety causing our misery. Peace.

  • yes indeed it can! I suffer exactly this. Acid reflux and the shoulder pain more than likely is tension. I get the full feeling in my head and ears. I've been known to take flu plus pills thinking I am coming down with something only for it to be gone the next day. Sit back relax and let yourself feel stuffy :)

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