Hi my best friend who thinks she had anxiety rang me today. She's been like she is four years now and I'd love to help her even though I need help myself lol. She said as she was going to sleep lastnight she was Watching the television and it felt asif it was moving towards her and when she was shutting her eyes she could still see the tele moving also it took over a hour to sleep as she was jumping and her hands felt weird so she started gritting her teeth another can any one tell me what a can say to her and what' she's got. She don't go out she said her eyes are always tired to.


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  • hello again tell her what ive just said to you on the other post .lol dont watch tv in bed bedtime is for relaxing try relaxing cds it will help

  • Thank-you are you better now

  • And also she said she wernt sweating and her heart wernt pounding lol

  • I would advise your friend to go and see her doctor or if she can't go out ask for a house visit sometimes it is good to speak to someone else. There could be an underlying problem which may be easy to solve.

  • She's been like she is four years now though surely it must be anxiety because if she does go out like she thinks about going dizzy and hot in shops so that stops her she's been through 2 pregnancys in 3 year but she wouldn't get bloods done etc. Just urine with was all fine but surely if she did have a health problem dealing through a pregnancy would of harmed her and baby she did have ultrasound scan as well which detected everything was fine inside her stomach. Also she suffers from blocked ears but she will not be told she won't go to see gp and I feel for her. I say it's anxiety because she's always on edge she can't sit and talj she's very fidgety and she go's all hot if she talks to ya. She rocks to herself sometimes to

  • hello were tell your friend she should go see the doc make sure it is anxiety it sure sounds it .When her ears feel blocked tell her to pinch her nose tightly and deep breath and blow through her nose and very soon the dull feeling will disapear if that fails cut them off lol only joking you got to laugh or youll crack up like me .youd be suprised how many people suffer with anxiety and the same symtons we all have im getting over the worst now i would say im 90% its been the hardest obsticle of my life i thought that was my life but my life now is just beginning and going to grab it with both hands and enjoy it.dont get me wrong its only natural to have bad days which i dont mind because i know things will be ok in the end.I am also diabetic and have sleep apnea and ILS what a night mare i am but health anxiety is the worst exsperiance of my life but to you both and every body else reading you will get there good luck and chin up to you all

  • Ye could be a bout of vertigo to but obviously them symptoms are more anxiety definitely can't think of any other health problem what would cause ya to feel that way when going out is the worst I can't face the world it's so awful it's like I live a dream I'm sick and diabetic that's awful hopefully I aint got that lol I think I have everything

  • And ye had to giggle cut ya ears of ha ha if only

  • Hello

    It can be very hard if we are suffering with anxiety and we have a close friend that is suffering to , sometimes it can put extra pressure on us but totally understand why you feel you would like to help her and are concerned but they have to feel they are suffering with anxiety and ask for help and when they do you can point them in the right direction like maybe this site ?

    Maybe ask them to come on and have a look and see if they can relate to some of the posts it maybe just the thing they need to read to accept they do

    You can only advise even friends and at times what you feel or observe and once you have sometimes we have to take a step back and just make sure they know we are here if they need or want us , I hope they get the help and support they need and meantime take good care of yourself :-) x

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