Feeling anxious at work all day

I have been doing relatively well without taking klonopin for the past month. I have been really stressed with living at home because of my parents and I took a klonopin a week ago then another one a couple days later then another one yesterday. Today at work for most of my shift I was really focused on how I was breathing and I felt like I was physically off. I really need advice or feedback about getting through that. It is super super uncomfortable. Any advice.


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  • Breathe in thru your nose to the count of 8, hold got 5 seconds, then blow out slowly thru your mouth to the count of 7💕. Do this 2-3 times and pray for peace. Seek his peace that passes all understanding. You will calm and remember to Thabk him and praise Him 🙏🏻💤

  • Yes. Thank you! Deep breathing really helps. I rewlly need to get organized, stay on my workout schedule and eat healthier. I need to practice deep breathing daily too. God is great and I also need to get back to going to church.

  • This is great advice but not necessarily a simple solution. I have had severe trauma that makes even breathing exercises no "cure". Each person has to find his or her own way toward self acceptance and peace.

  • Hi there. I'm always amazed at anybody who suffers from anxiety, panic attacks etc, etc and is still able to function and manage to go to work. I think you are able to give yourself a HUGE pat on your back and say "well done" to yourself. Another day completed at work even though you felt rubbish. I wish I was able to be reliable and just the thought of getting anywhere for a set time puts me into a panic itself !! It takes me hours of planning just to keep the usual doctors appointments etc. Take a step back and look at yourself and what you achieve by having done a days work. Well done and chin up eh ?

  • THANK YOU. Thats true, but I was contemplating on leaving. The only way to get stronger is by making yourself staybin those situations. Plus, if im trying to move out, I cant miss work.

  • You sound a strong person and I'm sure you will get "there" - just keep positive, no matter how hard it can be at times eh !

  • Try meditation and yoga, you will feel better.

    Eat healthy and take medicines proper medicines.

  • There is no simple advice. I take 2 klonopin a day because of severe anxiety. There is nothing wrong with lessening your anxiety. I assume you mean the anxiety is what is uncomfortable? Sometimes there is nothing you can do at the moment but accept it, no matter how uncomfortable. It depends on you circumstances.

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