Tired,stomach,light headed

I woke up today feeling okay until about 2pm 😒 I feel like this will never get better... I'm not the person to lose hope but dealing with this illness everyday makes it hard. I love life I'm a fun person I have two children that are my world and they keep me going but I feel like my body is going to go out on me any min and it's scary.. I watch people walking or going out and wonder god why can't I feel as good as them like I once did , nobody knows what's it's like unless you have felt this way they can sit there and tell you it's going to be okay your fine get over it!!! Believe me I pray I can everyday and I feel like it gets worse... I know there is worse out there and God do I pray for all those others dealing with horrible illnesses... But for me and my kids I just want my life back and will fight!


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  • I'm with you on this.,,,seems to effect me at different times...laying down 1 hour ago I was resting and feeling ok now I'm feeling slight anxieties, twitches, ect

  • I feel the exact same way. I feel like I'm effecting my 2 boys (they are teens) and I don't want to burn out my spouse. He works 2 jobs and can't be with me when it happens because it's...unpredictable.

    I pray, I believe God will remove this. Sometimes, I'm just overwhelmed.

  • I have the same feeling... But my anxiety is well controlled by medicines, start proper medication to get rid of this.

  • What kind of medication if you don't mind me asking I could maybe tell my dr so I can feel the same

  • I am on Xanax for my panic attacks and anxiety issues. It really controlled by panic attacks, try some exercise and meditation also to feel great.

  • I feel the same way, so tired of feeling like this, hoping and praying that I will wake up one morning and this will all be gone🙏

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