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Hi Everyone

I'm Gordon and this is my first post on Healthunlocked. First off apologies as I'm actually suffering from chronic stress at the moment, but I couldn't find any stress communities. Anyway as I've been suffering from 80% of all the symptoms for the last 5 months, anxiety has been in there as well. As of last week I started to try herbal remedies. I started off with passionflower tea which has helped a bit, but on Saturday 31 Oct I had an appointment with the medicinal herbalist. A very good meeting and was prescribed a tea and some capsules. she didn't tell me what they were, I didn't ask and when I went back later to pick up my prescription, the contents weren't marked on the bags. This is not a complaint in any way. A bit strange, but I wasn't bothered. Anyway after two days I feel a bit better, but still not fit for work.

What are other members experiences of herbal remedies like? Please let me know, and sorry if I'm in the wrong community.

All the best



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  • Hi there I am glad you are getting some relief. I had a few sessions of acupuncture which helped however I could not afford to continue but I'm saving up to do more sessions. I also take tissue salts which I believe help. Rescue remedy (herbal drops) this helps but I find I have to take it all through out the day to get any effect. Magnesium and fish oils help too.

    Also valerian is good for sleep.

    I hope you continue in your recovery :)

  • Hi Aazz

    Thanks for your reply. I'm now onto my forth day of the herbal prescription and I fell a big improvement. I have to back in just over a week to see her again and I'll find out what it is I'm taking. Whatever it is I'm feeling better.

    Take care and I hope you get better as well.


  • I would love to know what they are?

  • Hi Aazz

    When I go back to see the Herbalist I'll let you know. I'm actually on two things. capsules and a herbal tea, both of which do not state the contents. But they're both perfectly safe. It's the prescription pharmaceuticals that do the damage.

    All the best


  • You should call and ask her what the name of the capsules are... you DO have that right, ya know! :) I know there is a tendency to be a bit too trustful with ANY health practitioner and not ask a lot of questions, but we have to work on being able to do so.

    I use homeopathics... I find that Sedalia (by Boiron) is helpful; so is Aconite, Kali phos, and Argentum Nitricum.... Maybe you could Google these and find some more information that might be of help to you. Good luck!

  • Hi BettyA

    Thanks for your reply. I know it's a bit mad and I should have asked her, but the state I have been in these past few months I was past caring. After four days now I feel a lot better in mind and body, but I still have a long way to go.

    If only life could be easier.

    Take care and all the best to you.


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