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Herbal remedies

Has anyone tried herbal remedies. If so what are the best ones for anxiety. I've tried various sites can't find any free samples and some are quite dear. Think I'm just trying to convince myself not to take the setraline. I feel a bit calm today but this fear and anxiety has lasted a month now. My grandson is due down in 2 weeks when he goes back I panic really bad. Any suggestions please. My grandson moved far away from me and that started my anxiety again as we're really close

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I have a meds fear so have never been able to try such as setraline , even though i have heard they have helped many people

Over the years I have bought Herbal things & yes they can be expensive

I did try Kalms once ot twice , which are one of the cheaper ones , they did actually help , but left me feeling hung over the next day

There was a post on here by a member who strongly recommended something called

Ashwagadha you can look on Goggle it tells you all its benefits , you can get it from Holland & Barrett but I believe it could be £12 , so its not cheap , but also it was said it was cheaper to buy it of Amazon

I think like most things some find them helpful , others may not , but you would have to try them to see if they worked for you

You will have to let us no what you decide to do :-)




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Thanks its hard getting help and knowing what to do for the best.


I no , sometimes we just have to try things & see if we can find anything that works for us :)



I have tried a few herbal remedies but haven't found that they work for me. The problem is you can spend a lot of money trying lots of products. Take care


Hi all,

I refused to take the beta blockers and anti depressants that my doctor prescribed for anxiety and panic attacks as I was just too scared!

I read somewhere that magnesium deficiency can cause anxiety so I've started taking magnesium supplements from Boots. They have really worked for me :)

Apparently it's best to take them with calcium so I bought them together in the same pot, only about £4 for 90 tablets.

It's worth a try, I felt the affects almost instantly. I do good you find something that works for you!!!

I still have bad days, but more good! I never thought I would feel myself again after suffering for months just out of the blue! Just remember that u can feel better and it won't last forever


could you tell me,what strength of cal/mag you are taking,and if there are any side effects,I would like to try them,also do they make you sleepy,thank you love Miarose xx


Hi, the ones I'm taking contain 800mg calcium and 375mg magnesium. You take 2 a day, I usually have one in the morning and one in the evening.

I haven't had any side effects, but I did read that too much might cause diarrhoea. I haven't had it though


Thanks will try this


I use valerian, and camomile tea which i swear by, i have beta blockers but dont take them, i just like to carry them with me, a sort of security also of a certain age, lol, so ive started taking menopace, alongside hrt, and i feel a lot better in myself, stilll have my down days, but the good ones outweigh them now..xx


I've been menopausal too for 6 yrs that made my anxiety worse will try this thanks



I don't take meds as they make me worse! I've tried Kalms which worked for me,I also drink loads of herbal teas. There is really nice night time one by Pukka it has lavender and lots of lovely sleepy herbs. I have a lavender room spray that helps. Hope that helps xx


I tried St John's Wort many years ago but it made me feel worse at the time so I stopped it after a couple of days. Also used Bach's Rescue Remedy for a little while, seemed to help a little but probably by placebo effect. After many years living with my condition of panic disorder with agoraphobia I'm getting on reasonably well with 75mg of Venlafaxine per day. Talking therapy has been immensely important too over the last couple of years. I attend several self-help groups and have recently had two courses of telephone counselling.


A couple of drops of bergamot essential oil on a hankie is very good. I'm an aromatherapist and have used oils for many years. They seem to have helped me through some difficult times. They are also good for helping you sleep at night. Bergamot is one of the cheaper ones and can be found in most health food shops. Hope you like it!!


Agree with yummimummy I use kalms 1tab x 2 Pukka night time tea.been taking kalms for 2weeks and feel calmer.


Oh, also tried Bachs Aspen drops.


Hiya Scoob, I've spent years taking various herbal remedies. There is a lot of advice on the internet out there. Well if i start with St Johns Wort (SJW), this scores highly and I did feel an improvement when taking it for over a year. One thing you must remember with all this stuff is that there is never any 'scientific support' behind it....mmmm I wonder why....well all these super sized companies that make all this duff antidepressant meds make billions feeding us with this crap via our GP's. Of course they don't us to try stuff that may actually work but take revenue away from the big companies they finance.But notice in Germany St John Wort is prescription medicine!!!!See what I mean.

The issue is with herbal remedies you are best paying the extra to go for a reputable company because they will differ massively.

I researched SJW and the manufacture Kira (German) make seems the best, from Boots. Note the German packaging says

you can take more than the English, so don't be afraid.

The next most recommended herb is rhodiola rosea.This seemed to work for me aswell. A good make is viridian

As with alot of things like body building etc, people always say a lot work, best sticking to the basics.Take a good multi vitamin, take a strong vitamin B complex tablet each day.Exercise and eat well.

Try the above before anything else. You may have heard there was a herb on sale years ago called Kava Kava, this is used in many Pacific countries for anxiety etc. What a surprise, it was stated as being effective, then the Government banned it, probably because it actually did work and the government wouldn't profit from it as not regulated. Typical.

You can still order it from abroad.

There alot of self help websites out there and I have spent alot of money on the numerous herbs, Valerian, Passion flower, lemon balm, camomile etc etc, I found when anxiety is quite strong they would never nelp. Also try cut down your alcohol if you get drunk, it's terrible for anxiety.

Good luck let me know how you get on. take care x


I use evening primrose oil one a day ! They do help as I notice if I miss a couple days Istart to worry about eeverything but wen on them Im so much better !!!!!!! :-) x


Hi scoobyd,

I have been taking Ashwagandha and it is working for me...

Here's some info you may find usefull...

Hope that helps :) xxx


Hi, after reading your post the other day and the recommendations above, I bought some magnesium tablets. Not sure if I'm imagining things but have had a better day today. Anythings worth a try :-)


Glad to hear it! They've really worked for me :) xxx


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