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Can Camomile Tea interfere with anti depressants and antibiotics?

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I have recently started drinking Camomile Tea through the day along with my 50mg of steraline at night it really does help me. But this morning while searching on google regarding antibiotics (i have tooth infection) it came up with avoid drinking herbal teas when taking antibiotics and antidepressants as it can interfere with these drugs!? I though doctors recommend using herbal teas etc for anxiety? Anyone know about Camomile and when to not take it?

Cheers :)

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Chamomile is mild, it has calming and relaxing effects. What antibiotics are you on? I do not think the tea will have any dangerous effect on the medications. Best wishes

Hi, I've heard of that too. Some herbs even though safe may increase or decrease certain medications. I'm not sure which ones. Thanks for bringing that up.

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SammieXo in reply to Agora1

I know im now worrying just abit as Im still taking Steraline and I drink 3 to 4 cups of Camomile tea a day! I really hope the herb isnt interfering with anti ds! X

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Hi again. I didn't know that Steraline is Zoloft, but anyway after looking through several sites, all I could come up with is to "ask your doctor or pharmacist" regarding interactions. I personally know that Chamomile tea exaggerates people on blood thinners (which I am on)

and that antacids are not to be taken with antibiotics because it loses

it's efficacy. Both of those replies are from my doctor. So I guess we

are back to square one. Sorry...Let me know if you do find out.

I've got all I can do to just take the meds to begin with because I worry about side effects. Now besides that there is a list of natural products that interfere with certain medications. Antacids, grapefruit(juice) Chamomile tea etc. I guess I worry as well about it possibly cancelling the strength of the meds or increasing it (that would worry me even more). I really hate being so anxious. There are so many people who will just take anything without a worry. My daughter's like that.

Sammyross, try to have a good day. I am going to check it out right now and get back to you. :)

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SammieXo in reply to Agora1

Aw thank you. Your so kind!

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boofabelly in reply to Agora1

hi, I too worry about side effects with everything, it's amazing some people pop pills and don't worry at all. I have just strarted on citalopram 20 mg, proponal, 5mg three times a day. Was prescribed 10mg four times a day, but worried about my breathing, so I cut the tablets in half. Feeling spaced out a bit, so I'm trying to drink camomile tea. Hope its ok with these meds, and I hope you better real soon.

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Agora1 in reply to boofabelly

Hi boofabelly, I can't say if chamomile tea might interfere with your medication. Your doctor or pharmacist would be able to tell you. x

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hola423 in reply to boofabelly

Was reading this and saw propranolol wasn’t good with chamomile. Just wanted to pass along :)

Any advice for the taste of cammomile tea please? I've seen a lot on here about it (am taking propranolol) I decided to buy a box and give it a shot. Granted its only a supermarket cammomile tea but I thought I'd try it and if I like it a bit then maybe go for a brand one.

Tried my first cup, hated the smell as soon as the water hit the teabag. Tried a mouthful and hated it. Stuck a spoon of honey in it which enabled me to get it down my neck but still didn't like it. Could it be the brand I bought? Is there any ways I could disguise the flavour a little like more honey or something else? Was really looking forward to trying it and so disappointed now 😖

Any ideas please? Xx

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You can get it in other forms. I have a little bottle of Hyland s camomile tablets. They are tiny and you can just put them in your mouth and they dissolve You can buy them online or at a natural foods store.

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Kmaert01 in reply to allnew2me

I realize this is 4 yrs old but for other late comers.. I'm a chamomile tea drinker and I like to mix it with honey and or a little lemon.

Hey I didnt like the taste either when I first tried but once I was feeling relaxed it was so good I was then addicted to it. Lol. Try adding honey or Lemon to the Camomile see if that helps. I buy Twinnings teas. Think they are the best...they have 2 for 2 pound on at tesco at the min.! Im going to try the cranberry and raspberry tea tonight just for a wee change in taste! Enjoy x

Tea pigs are the best...

I’ve never heard of that before. I used to drink chamomile tea a couple times on sertraline but I could not tell if it was effecting anything because at the time I had bad side effects anyway on it

Dont read stuff on the internet. Ask ur doc.

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