Okay so I have this weird looking mole all my life and I mean for as long as I can remember Ive had this mole and it doesnt seem to have changed over the years. I recently saw info about melanoma online and it says that if a mole looks some way (ABCDE criterion) then it is possibly melanoma. Mine looks weird like an atypical mole but it's been that way forever. Can a melanoma last that long? Im 19 with no family history and is Southeast Asian (filipino). My whole life Ive not had typical cancer signs like losing weight etc (in fact I have trouble losing weight)


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  • Why don't you go to the Doctors and get it checked out? I had a funny looking mole type thing and it turned out to be a wart. Don't take chances with your health. There are times when only a Doctor can tell you. I'm sure it's fine but do get it checked.

  • I know I should get checked Im just 19 living alone with no money or benefits in a country with high rates and no healthcare so before I raise enough money to get it thoroughly checked I thought Id ask around for opinions to keep me sane. But thanks anyway.

  • Ok sorry I didn't mean to sound patronising. My Husband had a funny looking spot (looked nothing like yours) and it turned out to be skin cancer. He got it cut out and is now fine. Have a look at images of skin cancer on the web yours looks like a mole and I have one similar on my shoulder which is fine.

  • Thanks sorry also for sounding so defensive I just feel sad I cant provide for myself! :( Really? What did his look like? Im glad he is doing well!

  • No it's ok. It's awful that you have to raise money to get it checked!! My Husbands spot was raised, red and had got bigger and bigger over a matter of a few weeks. It started to bleed and that's when alarm bells rang. His was called squamous cell carcinoma and it's the second most common form of skin cancer. He had it cut out and some of the healthy tissue surrounding it and now has checks every 3 months just to make sure it doesn't reoccur. I think all I was trying to say was if you are worried don't leave it but as you say yours has been like that forever (as mine has too) so unless it changes I don't think you need worry.

  • Yes yes I should definitely take a picture of this every two months or so and see if it gets bigger. I remember it being this big when I was younger as I would always jokr about having a bug on my leg! Does it really look like yours?

  • No, mine is a black raised mole on my shoulder, round in shape. I've had it looked at by my Doctor and he gave it a name which I can't remember. He just said if it changes to go back, which it hasn't. I do keep it covered up if I go out in the sun or put sun block on it, as you should do with yours - as a precaution. But yes, a good idea to take a pic of it every couple of months or so and compare. Try not to worry, I'm sure it's fine.

  • Truthfully I didnt care about this mole my whole life and sadly began to worry about it when I saw it on the internet. Yes I keep it away from the sun as I always wear pants and this one's on my thigh. Really hope this is nothing because It has been years and years that I had this. Bumpy and dark mole.

  • I feel like I have had every weird spot, bump, mole, etc. there is, including melanoma, and even a cancerous internal tumor that made it's appearance (thankfully) just under the surface of my skin. Sometimes I feel as though I live at the dermatologist's office. Although I have experienced spots that look like yours, I still cannot tell one from another. My melanoma looked like a simple freckle and some benign "barnacle" spots looked cancerous. Point is - if any doubt or concern, see a dermatologist and find out.

    When you say you had it forever, try to remember how long. Chances are, if it has been an extreme long time without changes it may be ok, because, frankly it looks a lot like my benign barnacle spots, although darker. The color may be a result of your Asian heritage, whereas my spots don't get as dark because I am a natural red-head.

    You have such a good photo here of it. I wish there was a good doctor online somewhere that could help. I understand when finances make it hard, but I wish you the best and a way for you to get the help needed so as to not take chances with your health.

  • Hi retta! Yes i've had this forever like as long as I can remember (since the beginning of my memory) and I really hope this is nothing. Did it really look like your benign barnacle spots? This mole is so old, it has hairs growing from it (eww gross). I will visit a doctor as soon as my term ends and hope this is nothing. Frankly, I never gave this mole a thought since it has always been there my whole life until I stumbled upon melanoma on the internet. :( Really wish there was a doctor here online or that my country's government wasn't so corrupt lol. How are you? How did your melanoma treatment go and how did you know you had melanoma?

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