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Anxiety with food

It's hard to type this because I feel like I'm the only one... But before I go out, like to work or to a friends house I feel like I can't eat because of fear of feeling sick. When I stress out i get a sort of head rush and feel so ill and dizzy. Also, if I try to eat with people I have to take deap breaths and have to stop because I physically can't eat anymore because of feeling ill... I can't handle this any more, it's even when I go out for meals with my family! The only place I feel comfortable is at home... I think it happened from when I was ill about a year and a half ago when I couldn't eat without feeling ill (something to do with my stomache)... Its either me just thinking that im going to feel ill and oberthinking it or I still am ill... I really want some advice on how to deal with this, it's so awful because it restricts me so much... Also, if people could tell me what it is that would be amazing! Thank you x

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I had feelings similar to yours a few years ago and I still tend to choose something very light and low fat from the menu of I eat out to be on the safe side and also avoid alcohol. It sounds like an anxiety reaction and if you keep thinking "what if I feel ill" it makes it worse. Do your family know how you feel? If you feel well when eating at home and no plans to go out I guess your interpretation is right. It may help to talk this over with your doctor if it is affecting what you can do.

Best wishes Wendy


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