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Do I have anxiety?

Hi everyone, for months now I have been suffering strange symptoms listed below, I have been to the doctors and they ordered an ECG because of palpitations I get and blood tests and they were all ok and the doctors are not sure if it is anxiety or not.

Are these symptoms typical for anxiety?


Stomach & urinary problems


Generally feeling unwell

Strange feelings on skin

Feeling like I am shaking (although not visible)

Sleep problems & tiredness

Muscle aches & pains.

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Yes there all symptoms of anxiety unfortunately!!


Definitely could be anxiety. For the last 10 months I've been having aches and pains, joint pains, nausea, trouble sleeping, headaches, pins & needles, hot flashes, UTI's and lots more. Lots of trips to the doctors as I never believe one when they say its anxiety so see another for reassurance.

All typical anxiety behaviour. I'm now having Cognitive behaviour therapy. Only 2 sessions so far but I am starting to see how it could all be anxiety. Its tough and scary what our own brains can do to us. Have you been referred for counselling? x



Anxiety can give so many physical symptoms it can be hard to believe this is possible but it is !

What you have listed are some of what people feel when anxious , do you feel you are anxious ?

As your GP seems to have checked anything physical which has come back negative then I would ask myself if I was suffering from anxiety and get as much support as I could and you will always find people that understand how it feels in this Community :-)

Take Care x

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Thanks for your replies, seems odd I get all these physical symptoms which I do worry about, "do I feel anxious ?" The physical symptoms make me anxious and I suppose having anxiety makes me anxious !

Seems to be a very vicious circle ?

The very strange thing is that by mid to late evening all the symptoms can ease right off and mornings are by far the worse.

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Hi Nick, I am exactly the same... Mornings are horrible but by the evening I feel much better. Never was a morning person, though!

It sounds like General Anxiety. I've been diagnosed and am on waiting list for CBT

Take care


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