Fast heartbeat after nap

When im dozing and then wake up after 15-20 mins at night or when i wake up from a nap my heart feels like its racing for about 3 mins and then regulates. Its a fast shallow beat, not pounding. It freaks me out so much thay i hate to take naps. It makes me tense up. Ive experienced It for years off and on and no dr has ever been able to explain what it could be. I dont know if its anxiety related or what. Im 25 and have had palpitations and weird heartbeats since im a teenager and all my diagnosis have been benign. Has anyone experienced this fast heartbeat after a nap? Another weird thing is if i wake up after dozing off for a few minites before bed my vision turns to red tint for a couple minutes like all the white walls look red and its not the lighting in the room and there's nothing wrong with my eyes. Its so weird and scary. I feel so weird because no one ever understands my symptoms.

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  • I have bad anxiety, and I get the same thing. I wake up in a panic. My heart is racing, my stomach hurts, shallow breathing. I think it is anxiety related. Try taking your anxiety medicine at night.

  • I experience the same thing. Mine happens during the night. I have woken up extremely breathless heart pounding and feelings like i could pass out. Sooo scary. I have also been to the dr and was hospitalized for 4 days. They found nothing. It has to be anxiety related. Idk wish i knew.

  • I to have experienced similar, my problem though is that I start dozing,my breathing changes and I wake up feeling like I am been suffocated.

    I also sometimes get a dizzy feeling if I have an argue with someone.

    I am learning to bring my levels of panic down when I feel them coming.

    Maybe check what happens to you before you go to bed, that could cause an attack, or something on TV.

    Good luck,I hope you find a way to prevent them from happening to often.

  • Keep off caffeine related drinks, keep cool in bed , and don't get too hot, if your ECG was okay,then there is nothing to worry about, easier said than done ,but i have had it for years , or ask your GP, for mild beta blocker eg Propranolol 10mg try them when you get your rapid beat,try not to worry,best wishes.

  • I was on propanolol before i got pregnant so im waiting until the next time i go to the dr to be put on it regularly again along with lexapro :/ thanks for the reply

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