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Hey everyone! Almost everyday i feel like I'm going to die of either a heart attack, stroke , brain tumors , blood clots etc I've been diagnosed with anixety by my doctor and I'm seeing a therapist right now, but i feel the same maybe even getting worse. I keep displaying symptoms of real Medical emergency but nothing ever happens. I can't help to think that maybe my doctor missed something or maybe need more test or something. Idk this anxiety thing is taking over my life everytime i dear to try and get better it comes back and slaps me down harder than before. I feel like I'm cursed to deal with this until i die for real. It also might be important to note i had a near death experience where i had a double pulmonary embolism 3 years ago (i was 17) and came pretty to dying so yeah that's me please help any help will be appreciated


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  • Anxiety is so scary, I hate it. But love yourself and remember all the positives of your life. Your health is really important to you, that's why your anxious. But that's a good thing! If you weren't concerned about your health, then you would be in a lot more trouble. ♥️

  • I don't know how I can help but to have an embolism ever is scary and I am glad you are still here with us. I would want yearly tests to keep your mind at ease, a good doctor, a list of things you'd like to do in your life or an idea of what makes you the happiest and do those things. Spend all the time you can with the ones you love and when you have alone time, love yourself, light a candle, take a bath, if you have a boyfriend spending time together hopefully feels good. , you probably know these things, I just hope you are okay and will be OK. I really feel for you, I spent time when I was seventeen thinking the things your thinking now and I'm so sorry your going through it. Know you are loved and that your not alone.

  • Thank you for that

  • Alberto, Is it because you have symptoms of these illnesses? Can't your doctor run every test possible to rule out these things?

  • They can and they have I haven't gotten and imr though yet

  • Do you actually have symptoms or are you thinking these things without symptoms

  • I see your point the symptoms i feel the most is a rapid heart beat tense muscles, tingling feeling in my left arm , dizziness, weak knees a bunch of other stuff.

  • Aburto, do you take any meds for anxiety? Doesn't that help you

  • I just started taking meds today like 2 hours ago

  • I hope the meds will help.

  • Hi aburto21 I have a very similar mind-set. I have symptoms 24/7 dizziness, ringing in the ears, vertigo, panic attacks I think I have brain tumours and am having strokes etc and now I've developed a fear of anti-anxiety/depression meds. I can't swallow the tablet without going into panic so you're not alone in thinking your sick My GP has reassured me that anxiety is very real and very capable of affecting just about every part of your body giving the illusion that there is something wrong but reassurance is key here, surround yourself with people who will make you feel at ease, unlike me ..take your meds! and see a phycologist. In the end, what we're all trying to accomplish is to retrain our brains to think differently. There's some great apps available for *mindfulness* have a look and make a start on calming your thoughts. It may not be the answer but it definitely helps.

    Best of luck with your fight.

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