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Anxiety on weekends

I went through lots of changes in my life recently. I was living in another country and suddenly I found myself back to my home city in Brazil. Years ago, I passed through lots of anxiety issues, in a context of bad food and exercises habit and over working. When I was living abroad (london) I had only one job and good eating habits and practising exercises. my mental health was really good there.

Now, I have 4 jobs (4!), and somehow, I grew accustomed to this crazy life. From Monday to Friday I'm OK! I feel good jumping from work to work (I'm teacher, lecturer and researcher). When the weekend starts, I have lot of anxiety related symptoms.

It's like I need the structure of the week days and my mind doesn't cope with the lack of structure of the Weekends.

I feel really bad from Friday night to Monday morning. My vision is blur, my heart rate is higher and so is my blood pressure, I sweat (hands and feet), dry mouth, short breath... every weekend the same.

This one is special, is holiday tomorrow...

I tried to make a schedule on the weekends but it doesn't work... only to know it is weekend, I get anxious...

What to do?

I love to work a lot. But my mind doesn't cope with free time... I love stay free watching TV and playing video game, or watching series or going out with my friends... but all this anxiety doesn't allow me :-(

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You need to change your mindset. Plan, plan, plan!!.

Set your alarm for rising at the same time as you would rise for work.

Keep a diary of what you will be doing hour by hour, you say you love to socialise and that all of this is suffering because of your weekend anxiety, well, you need to incorporate everything that you love to do all through the weekend, your friends will support you and soon you will forget that you are anxious.

Try it, I've done it and it definetely works.

Good luck.



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