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Alcohol and anxiety

I'm a 21 year old Male, i used to drink all the time, on weekends in excess and now I can have like 3 beers and I get a weird fluttering feeling in my chest, my breathing gets labored and I get terrible terrible anxiety. Unless I'm doing somthing to preoccupy my mind I'm okay usually. but if I'm just sitting watching tv I have terrible anxiety. Anyone else get this? Please share

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Ohhhhhhhhhh yes. Alcohol is a stimulant so it actually increases anxiety symptoms. I notice I feel bad when I'm not doing anything but after I do something I can feel slightly better.


Hi, I can completely relate to this. I am a 21 year old male suffering with anxiety and depression. I take antidepressants and although you're not supposed to drink alcohol with them, I feel I am entitled to live a little and I still go on drinking sessions.

The tablets didn't really make a difference mixed with alcohol and having an alcoholic drink used to make me feel calmer and more relaxed until I decided to come off the tablets as they started causing allergic reactions.

When I was not on medication, drinking alcohol started to achieve the opposite effect. I would worry about things I normally worry about except it would feel more out of control. I would feel like something awful is going to happen to me to make me want to kill myself etc.. the worrying spiralled out of control when not on the meds. You would expect this sort of a reaction when mixing tablets and alcohol but for me, it was the other way round... drinking whilst on meds calmed me down although I wouldn't recommend drinking heavily with them as they make you drunk quicker like drinking on an empty stomach.


I used to drink quite a bit years ago, & I found that I`d feel much more anxious the next day if I had too much.


When people are worried somthing is going to Happen or have a feeling of impending doom, is the anxiety causing you physical symptoms that cause you to think somthing is going to happen. That's what happens to me, the anxiety gives me physical symptoms that make Me go nuts then my mind throw s it way out of proportion and I think im going to die or somthing. Anyone else?


I get loads of physical symptoms and if my minds occupied I feel good but I'm always thinking oh I feel ok we're the pain and the pounding heart so therefore it's always on our minds so it comes back or creeps up on us hope your feeling better I have good days and I'm great fun for them


I can completely relate to this!

Whenever I drink I get depressive feelings and anxiety - which is why I dont drink much anymore.

Did you used to drink quite alot?

I used to be the image of a party animal. I think I pushed my body too far at points and the reasons I have these feelings when I drink now is because of that. Have you drank alot in the past or do you feel guilty when you drink? Alcohol is a depressive, its a known fact. Maybe if you try other types of alcohol it may have a different effect on you! Im usually okay when Im on vodka but not on wine! Hell nooooooooo hahaha.

If your feeling anxiety or your feeling depressed all alcohol will do is magnify those feelings. I only drink when I feel happy and positive now because it just doesnt help if your feeling down to start with. I also think it depends where you are and who your around! I absolutely LOVE going out and dancing with my friends!! I have so much fun, but when Im in a small pub with a friend and if were having an indepth conversation about something - I start to feel depressed. It depends who Im with mostly and how Im feeling! Maybe this is the same for you! For me I see alcohol as a 'treat' so if I drink when I dont feel good about myself.. it just doesnt help.. when Im feeling good.. its great! Hope this helped x


Yes i agree i have been a fairly big drinker but the last 4years i've cut down and realised that i do feel more anxious but even more depressed as i suffer from that too. I now have alcohol free nights which is very difficult for me to do as it helped me to sleep but the feeling better the next day is such a relief from the very bad way i feel when i've drunk which is often suicidal, so i'm really trying hard but it is difficult as you have that vicious cycle of where you feel so down you need a drink but i am starting to make myself cut down and have at least 2 or 3 nights alcohol free. The lesser anxiety is another plus as it does definetly make you more anxious. It really sucks but it's the only way to try to control these dreadful symptoms.

Hope you feel better, god bless.


I to suffer from heightened anxiety after drinking im usually ok on the night its the nxt day I feel guilty for drinking I get depressed and my mind runs away thinkin allsorts of weird things its the worst feeling ever but yet after a few days ill drink again :/ to me its a social thing to forget about my anxiety and troubles but the next day I regret it its like I miss a day after it. as I dont want to comunicate with anyone or move out my bed while my thoughts race away I find keeping my mind occupied helps tho reading or playing games anxiety is a bummer but Im learning to accept it and its not as scary when you start to understand it :/


Hi, I used to get this all the time, once I accepted that the feeling was just anxiety it started to ease off, you are not alone and please don't worry :)


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