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Very anxious on weekends

Hi guys,

I'm new here and joined AnxietyUK for the CBT. I recently moved from Brazil to UK to work as a software developer. Everything is doing great, nice people, nice salary, my wife always with me, but my anxiety is becoming worst every day since I've moved here.

It's specially hard on weekends when I have too much time to think and worry.

I live in Greenwich and would love to talk to other people to share experiences and maybe even a pint.


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Hi Otaviokz ,

Welcome to the forum :)


Thank you Jetstar. I'm looking forward to my CBT sessions and to share experience with other people to get a better understanding of my anxiety problems.


this sight a damn sight better than what gp's offer,i point blank told them i need CBT as need to get to the bottom of my anxieties/thoughts so that my future can b positive again if not more positive,and prevent this happening again as its 15yrs of upsett came to a holt,they told me 6months on medication before they can even refer me then its a year waiting list,how is that re-assuring can anyone tell me... and hey otaviokz u sound very positive so look forward to seeing more posts from u :)


Hey welcome otaviokz!!

Im waiting to see a counsellor,ive tried c.b.t. but this didnt work for me. however as ive been a sufferer for 20yrs,ive learnt how to control my panic and anxiety by writing my thoughts down or going for good long walks with my daughter and husband. Trying to be a smiley person on the outside when your just in bits on the inside is hard going at the best of times,but with alot of Mindfulness (which you can google) helps me big time. Hope all goes well for you.x


Thanks so much everyone, Your support is great. I've increased my Paroxetine dose and am taking Diazepam for relief during 2 weeks. My GP also referred me to a mental health unit for seeing specialised professionals and maybe also counselling. If they take too long to contact me or don't offer the therapy, I'll start it with AnxietyUK.


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