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Does anyone feel really sleepy sometimes but it scares you because you think why am I so litrally can't keep your eyes open...but anxiety comes in and says ooh you must be sleepy because you're going to die...omg why must anxiety do this to me plus had another bad dream about bombs this time ffs 😕😕 on a good note had a lovely afternoon with my husband we went out for a meal and even the cinema. was really anxious at some points but I got through just a shame I can't seem to do the same at home :( x

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I honestly felt that way every time I was hunger over and my anxiety kicked in. That basically the only times I had that feeling. I always woke up so I don't think it's anything to worry about. Hope you get better!


*hung over


Hung over...?? What's that haha I don't drink so it's not due to that lol I think drinking would make me so much worse lol xx


Just don't worry! I too feel like this, its sometimes happen due to stress and less sleep in few days...


Thank you yeah I think its lack of sleep managed to have 5 hrs last night but woke up feeling really anxious doesn't help its my first day by myself as husband has to go into work today 😕 but I'll be fine keep myself occupied thank you xx


Oh, you would think if someone felt sleepy they would relish in that relaxed feeling. Not me, I try to fight it and immediately get panicky. I need to be in control and that feeling takes away the control I want. It usually happens when I'm relaxing watching tv and suddenly realize I'm drifting away. My body doesn't understand peace and calm and so anxiety comes to light. Oh dear, we don't get a break.

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