What's everyone's story??

Hi I just wanted to know a bit about everyone and there struggles?? I'm from lreland i'm 32 have 3 children and great partner but suffer bad anxiety and panic attacks mainly health anxiety always think I'm dying ect :-) trying to deal with it without meds as hard as it is some days are good some not but really glad I found this page its really help hearing everyone's story's :-)


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  • Hi

    I'm from U.S. (Nation's capitol)..I'm in my 20's ..in college full-time & work part-time. I still stay with family until I collect more money to move out into my own place , instead of the dorm .. Eh I'm an only child..I have anxiety & panic attacks ..I used to hide the fact that I get anxious from others . That's why it was such a struggle to meet others ..& date :/ lol I don't hide it..it does suck though .i hate the health anxiety too ugh. I

  • Good to hear from you just thought it would be nice to hear what others are going through, so I don't feel like I'm the only one :-) ;-)

  • Hello I live in Essex I'm 26 a wife to a very supporting man and a mummy to a 3 year old boy...I suffer from anxiety think I've had it for over a year but never knew the signs until 3 months ago when things went from bad to worse..I've had a huge amount of stress in the past year which I think has brought this on :( I'm not on meds either after bad side affects so trying to cope without and waiting to see a counseller xx

  • Thought I'd reply

  • Hello! I live in US with my parents... I have health anxiety and panic attacks, I am on meds over 2 years...

    Now by taking Xanax pills, I feel really better..

  • Glad your feeling better , good to hear from you :-)

  • I started having panic attacks when I was 23 (I'm 58 now), and have suffered from OCD and depression since I was about 13. I was housebound for two and a half years with agoraphobia when I was in my early 20s. I have used behavioral modification and talk therapy and SSRIs and SNRIs. I've been fine most of the time since I was about 28, but sometimes things kick it up again. I do yoga and meditate, and that helps, too.

    Just remember that even though we have the same symptoms, we're still all individuals. What works for one of us may not work for another.

    It won't kill you, or would have been dead years ago! Keep fighting, because they're getting closer to being able to cure depression, anxiety and OCD all the time.

    Oh, one thing that really helps me is to talk about it. Let your friends and family and people you work with know that you have this anxiety thing. You will be amazed by how many people will say, "Me too!"

    I live in California, near Los Angeles. My husband is awesome and I have twin boys who are 26. They both inherited the anxiety. :-(

    My husband and I are traveling to London in a couple of weeks, so I'm anxious about that . . .

  • Good to hear your story lorcabella :-) that's a long time to have suffered but you sound like you've a good attitude towards it , which I find helps .. I really hope you enjoy your holiday and don't find it to stressful I'd love to go to London never been great for shopping ;-)

  • I'm new to all this anxiety thing, it has really just kicked in the last month or so but been feeling not right for a few years but just put up with it but it's been worse for a couple of weeks so I need help I'm from the west midlands by the way what a great site and it does calm you down reading about the same problem what other people have

  • Yeah its a great site, and does calm you down :-) sometimes you can feel like your the only one suffering this ,until u come on here :-) its reassuring!!

  • Hey, I'm the same as u, suffering from health anxiety, some days I'm ok then other days it's horrible, I constantly think there's something serious wrong, one day it could be cancer the next day it could be my heart. Even though u know it's anxiety, the physical symptoms just knock me out, I've lost over a stone in a month, which makes things worse. Lol. I'm from Ireland too, and it's great to hear everyone's stories, I love this website!!! It distracts me from googling every little ache an pain ☺️

  • Ha ha oh don't get me started with Google I'm always looking up my symptoms ;-) and end up scaring myself!! I always worry about my heart its so annoying , like u some days are OK others are bad I've just started reading two books "self-help for your nerves" by Claire weekes, and "dare" by Barry mc Donahue's so far so good !! :-)

  • Hi everybody, I'm new to this, I have been reading all your comments about anxiety and panic attacks, my doctor says I'm suffering with this and I just wanted some advice about my symptoms as I am really struggling with this, I get dizziness, lightheaded, tingling pins and needles in arms, fingers, face, tongue and top of head, numbness in arms, Shoulders, hot flushes, trembly hands, lump in throat feeling like I can't breath, tummy pain, constipation, diarrhoea, not sleeping well, chest pain, back pain, tired all the time. I have had every blood test, samples and scans all say nothing is wrong. But I feel terrible to scared to go out incase something happens to me, to scared to be alone for the same reason. I also suffer from IBS and neck pain trapped/ pinched nerve.

  • Keep strong and you beat this👍

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