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What's going on?

Usually after CBT I have nice chilled out night and sleep very well. Instead since I left I've had a jumpy thudding heart!!

Monday night is my night off from anxiety! Come on we have talked about this brain!!

Plus on top of that my gland is still swollen and now I'm starting to cough!!

I'm not one to ask to for sympathy it I could do with some.

:-) xxx

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Ooo anxiety tut tut leave our Ashley alone :-) I get the jumping thudding heart alot. That much that most the time I can ignore it now. Hope ur feeling better tomorrow. Maybe it's going to leave u alone tomorrow've got my fingers crossed that it stays away for u xxx


Hi Donna

How you getting on?

I hope I feel better tomorrow also,I'm starting Hot Yoga after work so hopefully that will help lol



When I saw title " Whats going on " thought you were going to say the News feed isnt working lol

Well maybe tonight you could have been talking about more tense things , that could be one reason

Also sounds like you might be coming down with something & I no when I am thats when I have to watch my Brain lol

O I will give you some sympathy Ashley

{{{{{{{{{{curly hugs }}}}}}}}}}

There special curly hugs for you :)


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Hello now! :-)

We spoke tonight about how to be more assertive, which to be honest I do need to be more.

Lots of sympathy from you now I do feel much much better haha :-)



Sounds like you spoke about things that you no will take more effort & you wasnt as comfortable with even though you no it needs to be done

Switch your Brain of for tonight lol

Glad my sympathy has made you feel better lol



I've been doing fone (fingers crossed it stays that way) hope u enjoy ur yoga xxx


Hope you are feeling better now. maybe what you talked about ,and also sounds as though you are coming down with something, didn't help. Hot yoga sounds brilliant, haven't heard of that before.... I have been to ordinary yoga and it's great. Tomorrow will be a better day I hope. xx


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