Help!!What's everyone's thought on anxiety and your mind being powerful enough to make things/cause things to happen

Help. I'm having another scare or issue at the moment. All morning I wanna think to say I've have anxiety on me all morning. But my biggest concern whole dealing with it is the headaches I've been getting lately. Some dull, some sharp, some on different places, head fullnes, and it has been bothering me to a point where yes I wonder if it could be a brain tumor because I keep having faint like sensations along with it. Plus even when i lay down to just try and relax i still feel like im on a boat and i still feel the dropping sensation or like im falling into a faint, even laying down. Can the brain be that powerful that if I keep thinking I'm going to faint or keep thinking about the headaches that it can actually happen or come close? I also keep constantly being worried of my mild nausea and upset stomach that I only hope is from the acid reflux but I keep thinking I'm soon gonna vomit cuz I feel it in my throat sometimes. Can my mind really make this happen if I keep thinking it will? Has this happen to anyone? Even as I'm driving soon as I get in the car I automatically get scared saying please I don't want to pass out or faint and I get so nervous. Is my mind making me having an anxiety moment just by thinking like this? Help. What are some of yall thoughts or has this happen, is this possible?


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  • Yes it's possible feel like this everyday

  • yeah the brain can certainly trick you into believing these things. But just because your brain tells you something might happen, it doesn't mean that it will. However, in the meantime, you're already preparing for that inevitability and trying to convince yourself that it will happen. That is the driving force behind the anxiety: the anticipation. The more thought and attention we give to it, the more it will affect the way we feel. So it's a good idea to remind yourself that you are perfectly ok. When we have some peace of mind, anxiety cannot get to us

  • I hope for my sake because I'm going insane that this is the case even though it's still sad to go through it. But I try so much to distract myself and I do have some good days or moments when I'm successful at keeping my mind off of it and I don't have it bad. But today was one of those days I was feeling every hit, every head sensation, plus I have not had good sleep still in months. My brain feels strained at times, head pressure alot. And it is disturbing my vision. Well atleast I hope it's because of the lack of sleep. And anxiety is attacking me hard. Playing with my thoughts. Causing me to not focus.

  • Do you take anything to help you fall asleep? I have some melatonin tablets I keep by my bedside that work pretty well for me. Lack of sleep is for sure a factor in all of this. If you get in some exercise during the day you'll be able to fall asleep easier at night

  • No I haven't tried any sleep aids. But now I've become desperate to try something as I see how this lack of sleep is effectin me badly.

  • I feel the headaches and sharp pains randomly in different parts of my head.

    It freaks me out too.. because I get lightheaded with "foggy eyes" like 24/7

    But I've head scans of my brain. All good. It's just anxiety

  • I've yet to be lucky enough to get a head scan. But doctors here where I'm from they won't just refer you or set you up to get a scan by just asking. They are the worst when it comes to help. But if I get one I could probably ease my mind once and for all. But yes I get lightheaded, brain fog, foggy blur vision, eyes floaters all day. I may get lucky to get a few moments of clear skies if you know what I mean. This sucks

  • I also get frequent headaches, head fullness, and feeling though my head is going to explode. Sometimes when I lay down the fullness is so severe I have to get up and it triggers a panic attack. I also have constant burping/indigestion.

  • Yes same here. Head feel like it's about to blow a gasket sometimes. And the worse thing about it. It's not like the headaches ate severe like I know people have said it can be but soon as I even feel a slight sensation of a headache my anticipation of getting a bad headache, or brain problem is through the roof. I end up on edge all day thinking and anticipating it's gonna get bad. And yes im constantly either burping or its coming out the other end.

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