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I've gotten out of an argument, recently & I'm still anxious over it. I'm panicky , angry , sad , & now I've got this funny feeling in the back of my head . I feel out of whack. Is this normal ? I got finished drinking my spinach drink after my whole ordeal with my cycle , feeling fatigued I have this warm sensation in the back of my neck & head ..I'm still panicky as I type this. I'm crying & furious but I'm calming down a bit. This is stressful . 😔😕 does anxiety mess with you all even more when you're upset?


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  • Have you seen a doctor? Were you diagnosed with anxiety? Could I please ask how old you are? You are not on any meds, right? I would suggest that if you have not seen a dr that you would do so and you might ask him/her if you could visit with a therapist... I think this might be helpful to you.

  • Hi.

    I do have general anxiety. I'm not on meds now, as they are not helpful. I will see my therapist again :) . It's only that I was venting . I hate conflict already , but anxiety gets to me & makes anger stressful times a million. It makes me sad..I usually take a nap after then feel better.

  • Oh yes!!! Then the next day you'll feel completely drained!! Don't worry it's all normal , stress of this sort really upsets the nervous system ! You'll be ok and it's another learning curve.

  • Thank you 💞 Yes, it's like some hangover feeling

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