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I have anxiety and depression issues.

I also have, self diagnosed, anger issues.

People P me off so much just going to the shop does my head in people are so rude pushing and banging into me.

This makes me angry and occasionally I voice this anger :)

I think it is more extreme in me due to my issues but still its not all me I dont think.

Does anyone relate?

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OMG U R MY TWIN lol, i soooo relate. people get on my last nerve most of the time. thank god for everyone im agoraphobic and rarley leave my abode. i too have the tendancy to voice my unwanted opinion at such people but i dont care most of the time. i dont care how old you are lol, if you barge me with your zimmer frame you will be told lol. i know i have anger issues but i think its just who i am as i cant remember when i didnt xxx


Oh yes I can relate to what you are saying.

I used to get very angry over similar issues but it always related to people.If I went into a supermarket and someone clipped my heel with their trolley,I'd really lose it.If I was in a queue and someone pushed me in the back I'd turn round and give them a mouth full.These incidents were probably harmless and I am sure it happens to people all the time.I used to take it as a personal attack and over reacted.I now have health anxiety and rarely go out anymore.I do all my shopping on the internet so mixing with people does not arise anymore.But yes I do know what you are saying


Well same here , I relate with you on the health anxiety & now not going out & I have got everything of to a fine art getting all I need of the internet

Are you getting any help with it , I am waiting

I am not angry all the time , but do get short tempered when my anxiety is bad

When I did use to go out , if I was feeling anxious I would snap , if someone got in my way , but if I wasn't I am quite a people person & enjoy chatting



snappy mmm never noticed myself lol xxx im joking mate you know i love you lol. blob blob lol, i hate this laptop, going back to i pad tomorrow xxx


:-p :-p :-p



Yeah I can relate to that stressed. The only thing I will say is that its not personal and people don't do it on purpose. Often people don't even notice and they could be having a bad day as well. You probably do it sometimes without realising I know I do. If theres lots of people around its hard not to. If I do realise I apologise but clipped old lady with shopping trolley without meaning to, I apologised but she still had go at me. Doh...I just thought miserable old bat!

The one thing that gets to me though is rudeness and pushing in front specially in queues. I was in a foul mood once coming home from work and this women pushed in front of me in the bus queue. It was deliberate. I just pushed in front of her and by accident stood on her toe. She complained and I said - you shouldn't push in front then should you?. She said, with a plum in her mouth, you must lead a really sad life. I burst out laughing because its true I do! You should have seen the look on her face.... :D

Bev x


Hi Mr Anger,

I hope you are not disappointed with the start of this reply. :)

I fully understand your concern and I remember that some years ago the society p^** me off. At that time I wrote a document that is unbelievably rude and violent. For me now is useful to read it again and again to remember where depression could drive. However, I must also point out that be violent with your pen doesn’t have contraindication, therefore, try to write. Pick up the worst that comes up from you and try to leave it there .... on the paper!

I wish to take this chance to point out that also several centuries ago, in Italy, there was a man that transformed his anger issues in .... unusual poetry. :O

Look after yourself.


Cecco Angiolieri (c.1260-1312)

(S’i’ fosse foco, arderei ’l mondo)

"If I were fire, I’d burn up the world"

If I were fire, I’d burn up the world;

if I were storm, I’d raise a giant swell

and drown it all; if I were God I’d hurl

this rat’s-ass circus all the way to hell.

If I were pope, how happy I would be!

I’d cheat the Christians blind and suck their blood.

To serve as emperor I might agree,

so I could chop off everybody's head.

If I were death, I’d go to see my dad—

of course with mother I would do the same.

If I were life, I’d run from them like mad.

If I were Cecco, as I was and am,

I’d take the lovely and the lively dames

and leave for you the ugly and the sad.


Thank you for saying you relate to me makes me fel not so bad.

As to guciao obviously dont call me mr anger and you obviously realisd it was offensive by your second line.


I can relate to all these posts, & it`s a relief to know that it`s not just me, people are just plain stupid & so self absorbed that they just don`t see their surroundings. Supermarket shopping can be a nightmare with morons blocking the aisles with their overloaded trollies.I feel as if I`m on the set of a zombie movie, the way people move at a snail`s pace, getting in my way when I just want to get my shopping done & get out of there. Then thhere`s the screaming kids running up & down, drives me crazy. I`d do my shopping online, but they charge too much for delivery, & you can never get a convenient time slot. I like the poem, by the way, it just about sums up my feelings about humanity!


jj hi you can not change the world just accept the , accept the world for what it is ? and

get into the habbit have a good laugh I told a lady just to accept her husbands snoring in her mind she now sleeps she has accepted the noise anything you don't like just accept it a

few times and it will not bother you.


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