Constant pain?

Hey everyone. I'm so scared something is truly wrong with me. I have constant pain in my joints and muscles and it's affecting my life to where all I do is lay in bed and cry. I don't know what to do and my doctors won't check anything because all my blood work is normal.. I'm losing hope and I fear I'll never be ok. My depression and constant panic attacks are getting the best of me.


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  • the more you panick and worry the more symptoms you'll get, staying in bed and self pitying isn't the answer, anxiety has many symptoms, most are scary and everyone suffering this always think the worst of everything. You've had tests and things are normal, they can tell alot just by a blood test. Don't let it rule your life, get out of bed and carry on, easy for me to say, yes, I've been where you are anxiety and depression is a fight, we have 2 choices with this shitty illness. Give inn to it. Or fight it. What are you going to do ?. No docs no pills are gonna cure this, only one thing can and thats you. Just keep telling yourself I felt this yesterday. Last week, last month ECT and im still here. So am I after 35yrs of the bloody thing. Cmon shake it off you can do it I'm always here if you need to talk to an expert on the bloody thing your not on your own, I know you have strength. You've proved It by comming on here. Anxiety can be very scary if you let it, no one has ever died with anxiety, xxxxx mandy😉 anytime love.

  • I needed that just now Mandy thank you :-) :-)

  • Thank you so much😊 I needed that and your right I made it this far so I might as well just keep pushing it can only get better😊

  • Thanks so much !

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