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Can't cope with this any more

I feel like things are just not getting any better I got told I had vertigo bout 6-7 months go it's making me feel so down and depressed i can't go out as I panic that some think is gonna happen to me when am out I keep being sick shaking headache and blurry eye every day and it's making me not wont to go out I can't even bring my self to go to a mate house and she only 2 mins way I have to get my mate to take my kids to school I was going to the Docter like 2 week bout this but they just keep saying it the vertigo am on meds but they don't seem to work

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I have just seen your post and sorry to see no replies

I have and do suffer with Vertigo , when I first got it I was petrified !

I have to say it was bad for over a year and then it seemed to calm down even though I still get bouts of it especially if I have had a cold

You really need to go back ans see your Doctor as this should not be taking over the quality of your life like it is doing , let them no the meds are not helping and how bad this is affecting you , even if you have told them before tell them again , have they referred you to a specialists at all , if not ask to be referred , there are more things they can do but nowadays sometimes if you are not persistent you can be ignored which is so unfair

I hope you get some more help and slowly keep faith that things will improve

Take Care x


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