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can't cope with this 24/7 anxiety.

Ever since I gave birth to my son last year, a couple months after I started to feel really dizzy.

First the GP said it was vertigo and put me on stemetil.

Didn't work.

Then they put me on betahistine.

I was then referred to an ENT who told me to come off the betahistine because it was for menieres and he sent me for a CT scan to check for anything sinister.

Came back clear but i had a blockage of ear in my left ear.

That was removed but still no improvement.

Go said my bloods were fine but last time.i had one was back in August last year it's now April.

Here's a few of the things I experience all day every day.

Head pressure.

Feeling like going to faint when moving around.

Sudden dropping feeling like body has fell dramatically and makes me jump.

False sense of motion. Even when I close my eyes it feels like I'm moving down the room.

Swaying feeling.

I just can't cope anymore.

I've become homebound because of the fear these feelings have gave me. I can't so as much with my son as I would like to.

Can anxiety really make us feel this bad?

Play with our mind and bodies constantly?

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Hello Lj. The answer to your question, is yes it can. I've suffered with Anxiety my whole life. Similar symptoms to you, along with some others . Mine got worse when my twins were born ( 25 years ago ) . I found myself going through similar tests to you . I have always had low blood pressure and my vitamin D levels are low. I take supplements for the vitamin D. I take fluoxetine for the anxiety. But to be honest it doesn't really help. Going back to my doctor in the morning. I wish I could give you some words of wisdom. I can tell you what works for me , listen to your body . Don't let other people put you under pressure. Learn your limitations. Don't be afraid to tell family and friends how you feel. Look after yourself, keep going back to the doctor until you find one easy to talk to . Please let me know how you get on 😀


Thank you for taking the time to reply to me!

I also suffer from low blood pressure, and have been anemic in the past. I take a multivitamin daily but I'm not too sure if it's helping.

Sometimes I wonder whether it was going through child birth that maybe was the spark of my anxiety. But then again, sometimes it can just come out of nowhere.

It's the constant feeling of thinking something terrible will happen, like your can't think straight.

I have a telephone call with a doctor coming up soon, so hopefully he'll be more understanding.

Maybe another blood test to see if I'm low on anything might help. I heard being low on b12 can be a major part of feeling this way. The doctors just keep basing their answers of a blood test I had in August last year.

I hope you get some answers too.


I often wonder the same. Mine started with the ivf treatment. I expect a lot if women experience the same thing . Of course it helps if you have an understanding partner


Really wish I could help you, I don't have answers but I do have a wee one and find it hard to go out much so can sympathise with guilty feelings of not doing what Id like to for my daughter. I try to do more fun stuff at home and play with her, teach her things, but I'm not always able for that sort of thing either. I just wanted to reach out to say I'm sorry your having such a struggle and am thinking of you and hope your doctor/medics can soon suss out what's going on and help you asap.


I hope so too.

Just have to keep soldiering on in the in the meantime.

Just have to keep thinking that we need to get better for the little ones!

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LucyJane, giving birth to a child takes a lot out of a woman both physically and mentally and it can take quite a while for your hormones to return to normal level. The reason all those tablets, tests and the CT scan didn't show anything of significance up is because anxiety doesn't showvup in blood tests and head scans.

So you're not going to die, that's just anxiety whispering false messages in your ears.

What you're experiencing isn't true vertigo it's the light headedness that is a very common symptom of anxiety. It probably isn't helped by your blood pressure being slightly low, you can counter this by drinking more water or liquids than you are, like four large glasses of water extra each day. See if that helps.

LucyJane, all the symptoms you list are familiar to those experiencing anxiety, they are not unique to you and they will go in their own good time when your mind and body have recovered their normal balance.

So there's no need to be bullied by these fake symptoms of anxiety that have so little substance to them they don't even show up on CT scan. So don't let your anxiety turn you into a recluse, first dry day take your child for a walk round a park. The buggy will help to steady you but the type of dizziness and light headedness caused by anxiety will not cause you to collapse or faint, that will not happen to you. So do what you fear and the death of fear is assured.

You're going to be O.K. I promise you, just ACCEPT the strange feelings for the moment calmly and as fearlessly as you can, don't allow your imagination to frighten you with false fears. You will recover, just give it time and enjoy the joy that your little child can bring to you as the mother it loves and looks up to. All troubles pass and so will yours.

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Have you heard of labrinthitis ( can’t spell it) maybe worth asking your gp about .

Although I think low blood pressure etc can cause some of the symptoms you have as also can anxiety.

I’d definitely see a doctor again say how you’re struggling with these symptoms .

it is really positive that all you tests came back normal, try and take comfort in this and the fact you’re young .


You sound like me in a netshell... read my

Last post..


Got the same symptoms here. I think

It’s def hormone related. I tend to feel worse during and the week after my oeriod. I was going to try birth control pills but I haven’t gotten there yet. The key for me to be functional has been distraction. I work full time which helps but I tend to feel worse there because of fluorescent lights. I accept the feeling and this helps not to get panic attacks. Medication has helped me as well but I still get this unbalanced feeling quite a lot. I keep moving once I get home and this really helps I still enjoy life despite of this feeling and hopefully one day it will go away. This feeling won’t kill you!


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