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Anexity hits a high

So guys as from my previous post I returned to work on Monday !!!!

On Wednesday the manger n supervisor came to see me n basically told me my position was no longer available but I could do evening work which is no good to me finishing at 8 on a night !!!!

I was on zero hour contract so I don't av a leg to stand on so I didn't go back as they gave me an ultmaintum evenings or no job

Since then my anexity had gone through the roof I'm deeply upset too as I was getting sumwhere by returning back to work n everything eas on the up now it's all come crashing back down from a great hight !!!!! I feel like I'm back to square one had to go to the Jobcenter yesterday n my head pressure was present constantly nearly all day n wobblyness

Sorry for the long tail lol

Kirsty x

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You will get back to where you were. We can't cure ourselves of anxiety we just have to learn to control it. I take one day at a time and never plan to far in advance. Some days are good, others are bad. You have had a knock back but you are tough and will get there again xx


Thanks I know xx


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