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Hi everyone can't believe it's nearly 3am , I haven't slept a wink not even ink of a wink I seriously could cry .I am near very near that time of month so I must suffer severe beyond a doubt insomnia , plus my jaw toothpaIn came out of nowhere again so bad In agony with that normally burofen takes it off to one about 1am I think I hate taking painkillers but I'm gonna have to try paracetamol cos if psin would go I coyld poss get some sleep!!!! . Iv gotta be up for 7 for work im soo down my anxiety is just off the scale now having panic attack worry pain is something else.sick of worry pain anyone go through this surely anxiety woykdnt give me so much pain. Binkynoo x


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  • Have you tried using essential oils.. I've been using them and have been working good

  • Hi binkynoo sorry to hear you have had a bad night everything always feels so much worse in the early hours,I dont have any advise about the worry pain but your not alone with your insomnia and never hold back at reaching out for help x

  • really feel for you do you have fibromylagia nights are really bad dont know the answer just keep plodding on god bless

  • Hi fed up me ,

    don't think I have fibrosis but ruling it out but would need to look at all symptoms, , im hoping my jaw pain can be remedied wirh sone broken teeth out. Thankyou for your reply how are you binkynoo.

  • Anxiety is always much worse when you haven't slept! I find that Nytol ( the blue pack) is a godsend when suffering insomnia! Worrying about not sleeping makes it worse - give them a try.

  • Hi Sandy , than you I will do all im trying at the mo is rescue night drops not sure at the mo if they work. It's always worse during tome of month but no sleep not much makes me feel ill . Thankyou so much

  • Hey there. Yep, have been through what you describe. Still am in fact :-( Are you having jaw pain as a result of your tooth/teeth OR are you having jaw pain as a result of grinding your teeth? Does your jaw make a clicking noise when you open your mouth wide and/or when you eat? If so, then you possibly have TMJ. I currently have this condition and it is extremely painful and takes time to heal. There's loads of info regarding TMJ on the web so check it out and see if you fit the criteria. Anxiety makes every muscle in our body tense up including our jaw.

    I'm sorry to say that yes, anxiety, particularly chronic anxiety can cause physical ailments to become much, much worse. If you can control the anxiety, then to some extent you may also be able to control pain levels. I'm not suggesting that the pain will disappear totally. It won't. I'm saying that you may be able to decrease the severity.

    Best wishes.

  • Hi lizbett, Thankyou soo much yes my anxiety seems worse &,pain is worse so far it has eased over last week , it's def like tooth ache but jawache weird & have slept better I will keep am eye on it ,try help my anxiety too. Binkynoo x

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