Any advice? (:

I've been having head and neck pains, fullness in head and ears, tinitus and snowy vision for a while now. The other day I felt as though my neck went numb and had a full blown panic attack. Doctor did a couple physical tests and talked to me..of course says it's all just anxiety. I have it all the time and it's always lurking over me like a gray cloud. I am going on a trip next week and am scared I'll have scary symptoms while up flying on my own :/ i feel so trapped in my body. any one felt this before or have any advice?


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  • Why do you feel trapped? What are you scared of exactly? Why are you scared of it?

    There are ways of dealing with anxiety but understanding what you're scared of, or worried about is half the battle sometimes. Once you've worked out what you're worried about you'll probably find that you're scared of what might happen. That in itself is counter productive as you're worrying about something that has not yet happened.

    Practicing relaxation techniques works for some people as does learning calming techniques. Exercise also works well to get those worries dealt with as it is an effective way of getting those endorphins flowing which helps to feel better and calmer.

  • I understand how you feel, I feel like this a lot with my neck and ears. Panick attacks are horrible. It's a pain you just want to get on with life and have normal day where you feel well and normal. I worry more so when I have to go out with friends and family because I don't want to ruin a nice occasion by being panicky even at work even though I work in a gp surgery. It doesn't usually happen though. neck and shoulder pain are very common with stress because your tensing all the time. I suppose the ear pain makes sense because of the muscles around your neck ears...maybe they compensate?. Sometimes I can't really believe it's all anxiety/stress related and I think it's something else but I also have read stress can make you ill if you let it.

    Maybe have a blood test see if your lacking in anything, that could be causing the tiredness. I don't don't any medication yet but I'm considering it, did your go offer you medication?

  • Yes I can relate, having head & Neck Pains. I Believe It's All Tension But I'm Having A MRI Done.

  • Well i have had similar symptoms since february because of a panic attack, the head and neck pressure and tinnitus went away, still have the vision issues, its called derealization, dont know if it is what you have but snowy vision is common with that and it is an anxiety issue

  • Do you also feel like you are caught in a trip or a dream?

  • What triggered it?

  • Yes alot if the time and sometimes that feeling of a bad trip sets off more anxiety. This all started a year ago after a bad high smoking weed for the first time

  • Well that seems to be a common trigger for it, remember that there is nothing wrong with your brain, derealization is a messed up fight or flight response. It feeds of anxiety and obsessing about it, my advice would be that do whatever you would do without it. Dont get caught in the cykle, acceptance is a must after that it will slowly fade

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