Brain tumor 24/7 how would I no if I had one am going insane

I keep seeing this blue dot also got abit or blurry vision lke small dots everywhere I also have floafers don't realy have serve painful headaches am just scared seeing the bluest could be anything my optision did pressure test and eye test and the thing wer u click when u see dots does this rule it out please


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  • hi john sorry to see you having such a hard time ! first of all the flying dots you talk about are usually nothing more than old scratches and injury the eye they are generally nothing to worry about unless you are i. pain ! believe me of there was the slightest chance of a brain tumour they would have had you in hospital quickly not waited for results ! so try and put things away and try not to worry but go to the doctors if you find your not couping ! i wish you the best keep in touch and let us know how you get on david

  • Hello

    You are still suffering with this fear I see and I do feel for you and will say again this would be the longest Brain Tumor in history if you had one & I don't think you are going to make history but again John I really wish you would go & see a Doctor , get all the tests done you need and get some help if it means having to have time of work or not , I mean you must be able to have holidays of work use them if you have to to get this sorted because until you do I feel you will keep suffering & I really do not want to see this happen to you as you have such a lot to enjoy :-) x

  • If you are concerned see your GP and also make an appointment to have your eyes checked. The eye test can cost about twenty pound and the eyes open up so many conditions that patients worry about. Everyone is allowed an eye test at about two year intervals

    Sometimes floaters are caused by dry tear ducts, or skin bits caught on your lashes.

    Generally you can purchase drops at the chemist, although I would advise the GP and an eye test. Many problems can be seen in the eye so the sight test is a good idea to put your mind at rest

    My complaint I suffer above and halos in road lights at night caused by eye dryness caused by psoriasis. My family suffered a eye complaint and now I have my eyes checked every year

    Give both pathways a try,


  • That's weird I have psoriasis haha guns get a test done asap

  • you mentioned you see dots? are they like floaters or do they look like snow or static?

    do you also feel weird, unreal or spaced out? and did this start at the peak of your anxiety?

  • It started mostly after I got nod out at rugby then I fractured my cheek bone my eyes when bad after this now I obses over them

  • A lot of the vision issues you have from anxiety are very dependent on your obsession about them, if you got them after a sport accident, what did your doctor say?

  • Hi they say it's floaters but my vision has gone abit spotty but I can see has far as the eye can see also get abit of paid wer the trauma was

  • I have a black dot I see all the time on my left eye had it for 2years now my optician did a test where he put a dye in my eye did you mention the dot to him, and does it disappear after a few seconds then appear again when you blink, he couldn't see anything wrong, if your still worried go back sure its nothing to worry about. Put your mind at rest. And no your not going insane sunshine, let us know how you get on. Xxx

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