Hi anyone have eye issues please help

Hi I see yellow blodgeys sometimes big always seeing little specs or dots genre all floaters my eyes feel dim then go bright get eye ache eyes test was fine it can't be a tumor can it I also see a blue dot I had a ct scan when I broke my cheek bone and my orbit and that was clear please help much love I'd appreciate it it's the only thing causing my anxiety x


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  • Hello John

    Funny you have posted I watched a program tonight and this man went to the doctors with floaters and it made me think of you and now here you are posting

    Well the doctor said that floaters are harmless , nothing can be done for them but harmless so try not to worry as you have seen the specialists with this and they are happy it is nothing sinister

    Have you managed to stay of the you know what as that was an issue in one of your last posts and you were going to look at getting some help

    I hope you & your little family have a lovely Christmas first one with your precious baby girl so special :-)

    Just don't over do it with the booze though or I will bet you will be posting saying how bad you feel ;-)

    Take Care x

  • Hi thanks for posting once again it's just because it's blue don't realy see the other floaters it's the blue dot what annoys and acres me and yes but I have had abit and regretted it straight away ally I wana do is cry and I have just had a nose bleed out the blue in the shower could it be because my house is realy hot and makeing it dry x

  • Hello John

    Nose bleeds just the odd one now & again really are nothing to worry about , my Son goes through spells of having them since he was young and he is now 22 nearly and still has the odd one , sometimes it can be after he has had a cold , only time you really need to get them checked out if you were getting them regular

    My Mum used to say years ago when I was young that having a nose bleed was a good sign as it was releasing what did not want to be there , now how true that was I am not sure but there you go I believed it :-/

    The floaters are not harmful at all , this bloke he was getting all sorts of colors when he got them and John why not give your self a Christmas present and look for that support you need , make my Christmas if you would , I know how easier things would be for you if you did :-) x

  • Lots of eye issues! Burning, tingling, light sensitivity! Swelling and lots of floaters! Blurry vision!!! It sucks! Had a ct scan and mri no known cause! My right pupil also dialates more than the other! It's all so stressful! My eyes ache! I'm getting so frustrated and worried!!!!

  • Hi I had a couple of issues with my left eye - floaters, itching and a funny white line in my vision. I went to my Optician and she checked it over and put some drops in my eyes to dilate them so she could see the back of the eye. She was able to reassure me that all was well but, said I had to put up with the floaters and just ignore them - which I do. It may well be worth going to your local Optician and getting them examine them.

  • Hi thanks for e comment I have seen my optician said eyes are healthy and specialist did to x

  • I hate it it scares me makes me feel like am going insane so it's not a tumor then if your Mrs is clear x

  • I doubt that you have a tumour if you have had them looked at. Please try not to worry. I'm sure you are ok.

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