Can anyone help me please need reassurance it's the sam post day after day

I keep seeing this blue blodge/dot it's not like a floater it's just there u can't concentrat on it if u get me u see it and it goes am I safe am I going to die have I got a tumor had an eye test 2 month ago I had the blue dot at the time they said everything fine just I have floaters and go to a and e if u get flatters with a flash helppppp could it be light or could it be that I have broken my cheekbone/ eye socket in December but I have only just stared seeing it for about 2 months I broje it in December!!!!


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  • Hello

    I am sorry you are struggling again today John

    I am really lost what to say to you any more as I have said before we can reassure you everyday but until you go to the Doctors & ask for help all the reassurance we can offer does not seem to be helping

    Think about seeing your Doctor ?

    Hope you get some more replies that might help you :-) x

  • I have seen an eye doctor looks in depth at my retina said my eyes are fine but do you think it could always be in the bak off my mind cause when am busy busy or out haveing a pint a don't see any x

  • Well yes John it very much sounds like it could all be in your mind or when you are anxious when you are not busy you then start focusing more on the problem so you see it more

    But you can't spend most days either keeping busy or having a pint or in a state of anxiety when you are not doing those things and by seeing a Doctor I mean your normal GP about your anxiety & maybe if they can refer you for some Counselling so you can get to the bottom of all this ...hope you will think about it :-) x

  • Ye I do think about it all the time like all the time I am like oh I havnt seen one today that's how bad it is and I did have appointment for cbt but cudnt as I go to work at 5 in morn and usualy home for 5 5.30 so cudnt do that and I can't take time off I am self employed with a new born now to x

  • John ...could you explain to your Doctor about the hours you work & maybe they could work round it slightly but it would be an hour a week appointment , surely you could make that hour up during the week ?

    Also John if you don't help yourself & get yourself right it could get that you make yourself so ill that you are not fit enough for work and then there would be no income at all

    I am sorry I don't mean to sound harsh , I have a Son around your age and I would be telling him just the same if he was struggling as you are and it is only because I would want him to get help & support

    I will say it again ...give it some thought :-/ x

  • Thank you.but I cant I work in Wales and live in wigan so that's a pain right there ha I will ring tomorrow defiantly and let uno x

  • Oh you do travel John with that journey everyday ....well there must be something the Doctor could organize because you cannot be the only person that works as you do but has to have counselling ...let me know if you manage to sort anything out x

  • Talk to your GP and visit your Opticion

    Generally it can be to do with the tear duct, although I am non of the above.

    I wear classes and sometimes in the past I had to see about this type of problem.

    Take advice they will put your mind at rest

  • hi john,

    do you have any health/medical conditions, if not book an appointment with an ophthalmologist, NOT an optician! Ophthalmologists have the equipment to look right into the structure of the eye ball.

    floaters usually appear as black but I know of no reason why not blue, that could be the perception of the color to you. a long time ago an ophthalmologist friend said floaters are normal, it because it concerns you, a visit to an ophthalmologist is the quickest way to get an answer. none on headway have crystal balls, thats why we can only suggest you see the correct specialist.

    all last year my vision was foggy, grey colored, I'd had a brain hemorrhage in 2013, eventually saw an opthalmo last December and in March this year had a cataract removed from each eye, at different times of course in the month.

    I say this only to show that it's best to see the specialists. it's better to know the truth about your health and and eyes, than not to know and possibly end up being too late to do anything! the more you stress about the unknown, then you will possibly affect your health!

    I can only be honest, no point in saying no you are fine, when we don't know, do we?

  • No we don't thank you and my doc made me an appoint no so long ago to see someone who just does eyes and he but lights and all sorts in my eye and then he said I didn't even have floaters which I no full well I have but said retina and eyes wer good also passed the pressure test and other test which rule out tumurs

  • Has your doctor ever suggested your might visit with a psychiatrist...if not that, at least a trained therapist... I truly believe you need to do this because of your refusal to believe what the doctors have said... I am sure this blue dot is real to you... but you are definitely obsessing over it and I believe it would do you a world of good to speak to someone who can help guide you to get to the bottom of this very real fear that you have. Good luck.

  • Thank you so much I am goin to run tomorrow and get an appointment to go see go tumra x

  • Good John...I don't know what a tumra is...but I wish you all the luck in the world!! Proud of you! (maybe you mean trauma expert?? That would be great!) :)

  • No it means I'll get an appointment to see the doc tumura which means tomorrow haha

  • hi john, so eyes checked out, no probs there, if it's physically in the brain could be some pressure there, and sometimes when I get stressed, my brain feels full and swollen, I know it's not, because I've had 3or 4 MRI's over last 12 months, next one due end sept., for endocrinologist, I have an autoimmune disorder affecting my thyroid, possibly the liver, usual causes for liver cirrhosis were ruled out last year.

    fortunately I get less stressed now than I used to last year and earlier this year, so I do hope your doctor will get you a brain scan, as I said, it's about ruling things out, not in! let us know how you get on tomorrow.

  • Thank u so much and I had a ct scan if that's what it's called the day after I broke my cheek bone and that came bak fine so it shud be shudnt it still x

  • that I don't know answer to, I'm not a medic, just someone who's had more things go wrong personally and health wise in last 2.5 years that I got so frustrated, like you, with no answers, that I started doing my own research. one thing I learnt is look a condition or experience up on google , yes there are some cranks out there who just want to sell you something, but now I stick to medical research, via or labresultsonline for blood and other tests, you just put in condition or med you are on. there is also a website called medical news today I.e. MNT. which publishes articles on certain health/medical, situations. perhaps you could start by googling, consequences of broken cheekbone! see what comes up on list of answers. this applies to anyone of course. could there have been an untreated infection. it's possible I guess, but a blood test, the correct one, may unlock something that went round your bloodstream! as I said I don't know, I just think outside the box! I like it, keeps me occupied, then sometimes I have a few days off, gives the brain box a rest! good luck with the doc!

    I started with Health Unlocked, 2 years ago, because I didn't understand repercussions of having an aneurysm and brain haemorrhage! that led me to Headway, and since other medical things have come up, I've looked at those up also. unfortunately it's a lot of research, makes me sound paranoid, but knowing and understanding yourself, is, to me as valuable as being able to get support and know someone is listening to you, on these forums, HU is the only one I use for support, and info, because I don't get it from any practical outside source, through personal circumstances.

  • Oh! Oopsy daisy!! :) OK! Thanks!

  • I had bright flashing spirals in both eyes for a while Optometrist said due to the vitreous film thinning and harmless. Gradually (over a long time stopped) Only get them when very stressed now .. Maybe see an eye doc. ? Good luck

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