Symptoms are driving me crazy

Been having these constant pains on my right breast and just how it comes it goes.. It doesn't last for no more than 1minute.. Also been having some dull pain on both shoulder blades.. Went to the ER and had xrays done and EKG and labs. I was told a test came back regular. Nothing to be found.. Just hate feeling like this 😔😔😔😔


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  • Many people here have had exactly the same as you... ECGs, heart halters, stress tests, all come back normal.

    That should be a positive, you know there is nothing wrong, so use it as a stepping stone in realising your health is good, life is good.. deep breathes and go forward. I know, it easier to say than put into action, but it can be done.

    Relaxation techniques are really good, it takes a lot to learn to relax, but when you can do it. Be confident.

  • Thank you for replying.. You are right.. I've had e ECG done and well all of them have been normal.. I will kepp that in mind and tell my self that I am healthy and will be better


  • I've been thinking of asking for one.(have an appointment next week) I know they will tell me I'm too young to have breats cancer but I've know of some cases of young women having breast cancer.. Thank you for replying

  • I remember having bad chest pain in my right breast bone area for awhile after my anxiety flared up. It was a sharp pain that would intensify foe a minute then dissappear and would happen for a couple days then be gone for months. I still get it and I believe mine to be gas related like GERD

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