Sleep anxiety

little background info: I used to get panic attacks last year , after a while they transfered into my sleep, the thing that I am most concerend about is this: so I'm sleeping and suddenly I become fully aware that I am asleep (( in my sleep)) when I become aware suddenly this very scary sensation starts in my body mostly in my heart , it starts vibrating " not beating fast" vibrating for 2 3 seconds and then it stops and my whole body ,specially heart feels week and If I don't manage to wake myself up it happens again and again, and when I wake Up I'm in that stage where u are so sleepy u can't keep ur eyes open so sometimes I can't get up and fall asleep so this happens all over again.and during all this I am fully aware of the situation like an awake person, the first time it happened I thought I was awake so I tried to shout out my moms name and tell her to call the ambulance, when O could'nt I found out that I was asleep, I really need this to stop I can't take it anymore if u could help me that would be wonderful.



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