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Is it anxiety

So I have had a lot of HA recently but I haven't had panic attacks but have had fear of brain tumor as I have had slight consistent dizziness and weird feelings throughout the day especially at work and seem to be getting tongue tied easier than usual! I went to emergi center a few times say doesn't seem anything serious. My concern is I keep feeling this way and know there is a less then 1% chance I will develop a neuro issue. But I can't seem to shake the thought. Are these symptoms anxiety?

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Hi bostonj

I think it sounds very much like anxiety. Very similar to something I had last year. I obsessed and obsessed over a particular illness and convinced myself I was ill even though the chances are miniscule. I had self diagnosed over the Internet which is totally the wrong thing to do! But I got checked out by the doctor and I was fine. It was just anxiety playing with my mind. I believe it is the same for you because the professionals have said you are fine so you must be.

I struggle myself massively at times with worrying and thinking the absolute worst case scenario even though the rational part of my brain is telling me the complete opposite! but I want to assure you, this is anxiety. It is what anxiety does and it is how it makes you feel.

You are not alone and I hope my words bring you some form of comfort. xx

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Thank you for your response! My life is a bit crazy at the moment has been one heck of a 3 months. It's weird As typicall when I have panic it's pacing increased heart rate and panic now it's dizzy/lightheaded and feeling weak. My psych is working on strategies but w an ever changing life like mine not so easy.

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This is exactly what I'm going through, I'm convinced I have something up with my brain. I can't get my words out, eyes are blurring, constant scared of dying, dizziness, chest pain, no appetite, belly pain.. I asked for brain scans the doctors more or less laughed at me I'm 19 years old and I feel like my life is basically over this can't be just anxiety can it


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