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Can it be anxiety?

Hi there, I was hoping you could help. I'm 18 years old, don't smoke, drink, drugs etc. I play semi professional basketball and train everyday so I am healthy, I constantly check what I eat also and don't drink fizzy drinks often. While I've been off, I've had these scary symptoms. This month has been busy, grandad past away, family from Australia have been over and I've been to gran canaria for a basketball camp so it's been busy. I first had an attack after a family argument, dizzy, sweating, heart racing and it lasted about 10 mins. However, a week later it's happened again but I have had symptoms constantly for about a week now. I went to the walking centre where I had an ECG, blood pressure and sats test, urine test, blood sugar level and temperature taking and they seen nothing wrong and said go to A&E to be safe. I went and had a blood test and they said everything is healthy. They also listened around my chest and back and I had to breath in and out and they said they can't hear anything and it sounds clear. I seen my gp recently and he said he iis putting it down to stress an anxiety. But I'm still not sure. The dizziness has gone but still I feel tense around my heart. I take my own pulse throughout the day and every time it's around 60. Yesterday I also went to the gym and had training and I still felt the same but it did not get worse when exercising. I only seemed to feel it when I stopped an I thought about it in a way. Sometimes it goes up to my shoulder and my back and when I'm breathing in. I was hoping if you could help?

Many thanks, Tom.

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I've also spoke to a friend who is a assistant in surgery and he said it could be hormones because of my age. But it's constant and has come on while I've not been doing much as term time is over. It just feels my heart is tense.

Thanks again, Tom


It is most likely anxiety. You should avoid caffeine products and eat fruits like banana, kiwi and peach. I can also suggest drinking sparkling water as well. Caffeine can cause heart palpitations so you shouldn't drink coffee and coke etc. for a while.


Thanks for your reply. I don't drink coffe an thinks with caffeine which is another weird think why I have this. I also very rarely drink fizzy drinks, I've had one since I've felt like this also when I do drink one I will wait a week to get another.

Many thanks


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