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So unhappy

Hi everyone, I am hoping someone can help me. I have suffered from anxiety for over a year now,however, and maybe cause I understand what the problem is, it has become worse in the last few months.

My problem is that I am fine during the day but as soon as I get home my muscles tense and I am suddenly overwhelmed with tiredness. I cannot seem to stay awake later than 9pm.

This is putting a major strain on my marriage. I take a multi vitamin and magnesium supplement but nothing is working.

I am so over the anxiety I feel and what I think could be CFS.

Can anyone offer help or advice on this?

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Is there something at home that triggers your anxiety. Maybe you should write everything down everyday about what you are thinking and feeling. Maybe this will help you figure out what is causing your anxiety only at home. Your journal is for your eyes only so you can write anything you want. Maybe taking a walk will relax you. As for wanting to sleep at 9, maybe it's only because you have worked hard all day. Magnesium does help you sleep so are you taking it as soon as you get home. Maybe take magnesium about 1 hr before bedtime. I have tried Rescue Remedy that you get at GNC and that helps you relax or a hot cup of chamomile tea when you get home will relieve your tension along with an aspirin. Hope this helps.

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Try tissue/cell salts there are 3 different nerve/anxiety/depression ones and then there is the muscle relaxant one I take all 4 at the acute dose and I must say I think they are working I also take magnesium on top of the salts I have been taking them for about 2 weeks it's either them or a coincidence but I am feeling better physically and mentally not perfect but better then in a long time. I also started omega 3 and iron tablets just a few days ago. But I definitely need to make diet changes and start exercising I think we really have to take action in changing our lifestyles, this thought initially annoyed me because I was fine before why do I have to now meditate, do breathing exercises a few times a day change my diet fit in an exercise routine, see a therapist.. with 2 small kids who can fit all that in! But if I want to get better I have to do it..

I wish you all the best :)

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Hi Aazz, can you take the tissue salt if on antidresssnts ? ? Also were would I buy them from ? I'm really interested in giving them ago, it sounds like they have really worked for you, IV never heard of it before, many thanks x


I'm pretty certain you can as tissue salts are non toxic and can be taken during pregnancy and given to babies. I'm located in Australia and we have them here in pharmacies and health shops anywhere that sell supplements. Give them a go :)

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Hi Nats, I really don't think you have got Anxitey I suffer with it really bad ( got it severe ) to me you haven't got any symptoms of Anxitey, you would be suffering of a day also, i am sorry I don't no what CFS means ??? But are you sure your just not run down, maybe a little stressed. You need to go see your GP and get it sorted, Really hope your feeling better soon let me know how you get on, don't be worrying your GP will sort you out


Hi, tissue salts is just another word for useless remedies.

Multi vitamins and most supplements are most definitely not required even if you have the most basic of diets. Especially in terms of mental health the effectiveness is placebo if they have any effect at all.

If you have a salt imbalance you'd be in a hospital shortly after climbing Everest or running a marathon as it is caused, in the main, by dehydration.

Magnesium as a supplement is not advised as it can and does interact with many medications and has been shown to cause mental health problems!

Again, if your diet is anything other than completely reliant upon burgers every day and you have even the most marginal of fresh veg then you won't need any supplements.

Exercise can help though with general well being.

You need to go and see your doctor and tell them what you are suffering.


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