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Feeling faint

I was at work yesterday ...... I felt like I was about to die I felt like I was about to faint .. My ear popped and the rest went so fast they called an ambulance . They did blood work and X-ray and ekg sent me home . I never felt that bad before . Feel like my head just popped ..... Please help ... And the left side of my head in the back hurts on Nd off ... Then a headache ...I know youbLl are like please .... Help if you can any body . I just stayed home from work ..

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What was the diagnosis. Without more info we cannot offer you support. Make appt with your doctor and get his diagnosis. Take the papers from ER with you so doctor knows what tests were performed. Good luck and post back


I'm sorry acute anxiety


So sorry. Anxiety comes in many forms, many symptoms and feelings. These symptoms can change and you can experience many physical symptoms but it is still anxiety. You still need to make appt with your doctor. Medication and therapy maybe needed. Along with that you need to help yourself. Most important DO NOT focus on your anxiety. Stay active with work, chores, family, friends and activities that you enjoy doing. Push through your feelings. I know its not easy but it can be done. I go for long walks, breathe and enjoy outdoors, stay hydrated, eat healthy, talk to people about other topics, anxiety still there but i don't focus on it, and it eases up since my mind is on other things. I make sure to eat and drink water when i start to feel anxious even if not hungry to keep my blood sugar level even. It helps. I eat grapes, yogurt, almonds and pc of dark chocolate or drink cup of 100 percent cocoa as snacks and find activity that takes my mind off how I am feeling. All that being said, if you are prescribed meds, please take them. They will help you calm down so you can retrain Your mind. Anxiety is in your mind, just thoughts and feelings. You will win. Not instantly but one day at a time. I started 4 years ago and today I feel 80 percent better. I still do all the above and I BELIEVE that one day I will be free from this disorder. Good luck and be strong.


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