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Feeling heavy, drowsy, faint etc

Hey guys, I'm new to this site and just now I've created this account.

When I woke up this morning, I felt tired and the sheets and pillows seemed to send a burning sensation to my skin. I've gotten out of bed only for me to feel extremely heavy. My body feels weak, especially the right arm and the legs. My neck really hurt and appears to want to drop my head. I feel extremely light headed and thirsty despite the many cups I drank today. I feel so drowsy, so I collapsed unto a bed and yet I still felt tired. I'm still tense.

What's happening? What can I do? Is this just the flu?

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I feel the same way when I get up. My whole body aches with sharp pains and my feet and body is heavy like lead and I have a terrible taste in my mouth. And I have the same burning sensation as well. It doesnt go away if you keep focusing on it so I get up. Brush my teeth and wash my face with cold water. Then I take a few deep breaths and walk. It usually helps but it's very hard to walk with feet so heavy. I really suggest you read at last a life by Paul David. He explains it all for you better than I can and believe me you'll get better soon😊


Hi mrsherondale

I really appreciate your reply. But just recently I've lost my appetite and threw up right after I attempted to eat. But before that I began to cry for no reason. Have you gotten a problem like this before? Thanks :)


Yes i did just two days ago. I went out and I was sleep deprived and on an empty stomach because I didnt feel like eating so i began to feel faint. So I ate a bag of chips and drank some juice and I vomited it out. I didn't eat all day. Lost my appetite for no reason. And I cried all the time until I read at last a life by Paul David. He described everything I felt and I was so glad for an explanation. You should definitely read it and let me know if you feel any different :) take care and loads I prayers :)


Have you tested your blood glucose levels? If not then do so. You can have it done at any chemists these days without having to make an appointment to see your GP or practice nurse. The symptoms you are describing, particularly the thirst, are classic signs of diabetes. Before you have your blood glucose levels checked, do not eat or drink anything for at least four hours prior to the test. This will give a clearer indication of what is going on. I wish you well.


It could be the flu but if you feel no better by lunch time I suggest you at least ring your doctors and speak to them on the phone for advice. Make sure you keep drinking squash or something. Good luck and get better soon.


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