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Need help

Hello, I'm christian mitchell, 15 years old. Ms couple months ago I had some palpitations. They worried me and I saw a cardiologist, had and EKG and wore a 48 hour heart monitor. Everything came back fine. I forgot about it really. Then maybe 3 weeks ago I had a sharp pain in my chest. I thought I was having a heart attack and it really freaked me out. I worried about it for a little bit but then it went away. Just recently the pain has come back and I've been to 4 doctors. I know about costochronditis and that is what I have. Sharp pain on the left side that Radiates to your back. I've stopped worrying about my heart, but I'll go back to that. I have a sinus infection and I've been feeling really weird, not dizziness but foggy feeling. A little imbalanced and alittle confused. And while all of this has been going on I've had about 4 anxiety attacks so not so bad but my anxiety , stress and depression levels have gone up. I feel worried about the dizziness/fogginess, my eyes also feel slow and I'll look at something and it'll still be there faintly when I look away. This could be normal symptoms of a sinus infection. I could just be worried about my body and be blowing all of these symptoms. All of this has happened and I started to check my heart rate, which I realize is the dumbest shit to do if you have previous anxiety about your heart. I feel like it's beating too low. I measured and it was roughly 61 beats per minute I realize that's not low but doctors projections or the 60-100 or 50-70 heart rate ranges for being okay. I just feels slow. Again the dizziness and foggy feeling, eyes feel slow is most likely caused by sinus infection. But I worry about my heart not pumping fast enough. It's funny because the doctors would never know about this because I have white coat syndrome and my heart rate/blood pressure shoots up as soon as I have that band put around my arm and I feel everything relax and heart go down as soon as the doctor takes it off. I'm seeing a therapist today and I'm feeling alittle better. I've been missing school days because I also have a fear of fainting (with my parents okay). Has anyone ever been through this or anyone who has any ideas about it?? Thanks.

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All classic symptom of severe anxiety Christian, honestly. Talk to your therapist and be completely open about every/any thing bothering you. Medication can help reduce your anxiety and associated symptoms, but it's always wise to try the 'talking' route initially in an attempt to unearth any subliminal issues.

And stop monitoring your heartbeat (or anything else). This unhealthy concern with bodily irregularities, which are actually quite normal in a healthy person, only serve to perpetuate that irrational fear.

For now, try frequent brisk walking to get your breathing working efficiently. This is a highly underrated exercise for lowering excess adrenalin which is so often responsible for palpitations & panic attacks.

Best wishes, Cat x


Thank you so much. Really. I've been feeling better lately. I still have the rush of anxiety once I have something wrong with me. I am talking to a therapist regularly. I've learned more tools to help with them and they seem to work a lot. Especially just taking deep breathes. Focusing on my breathing. I'm seeing my therapist again on Monday and I will tell all that I have to tell. I do have a sinus infection for about a week or so and that has caused a lot of the dizziness and kind of feeling out of my body. It could be the anxiety too. Again thank you for replying. It means a lot


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