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Can anyone relate or am I the only one?

I have been to the doctors about this before I have been told that I am suffering from anxiety with all of my symptoms but I have currently got a small lump on the side of my neck that my mum is saying is a swollen gland. I also had one under my armpit but it didn't stay long. Can anxiety cause this has anybody else experienced or is currently experiencing this. It's taking my anxiety to a high level and is really worrying me. I have only had a blood test an ECG and 2 urine tests :-(

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I have a fatty lump on the back of my neck, it has been there now for many years and they have checked it on quite a few occasions. Also I have one on the front of my Thigh, that has been there for many years.

My GP was going to cut the lump off, on the neck, although He advised against it.

All I would say is see your GP and put your mind at rest.




Thankyou for your advice. I am forms to go to the doctors about this and see what they think and what they would advise. I think even after seeing the doctor I will be panicking bur hopefully all goes well and will find out that it's nothing. I am worried about having a sever infection from a virus that I came down with which has caused my first ever anxiety disorder to flare up just over 2 months ago and been reading up that infection mainly caused by viruses can cause your glands to swell and that it's a sign that your body is fighting off infection but my bloods didn't show that my body was fighting off an infection. I am only 20 years old and got 3 year old daughter it is so hard to get through everyday life with this anxiety. But I just can't help to think that there's something wrong with my body that is making my anxiety flair up.



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