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Sorry if this post is long. So I have suffered with anxiety for a few years now and it has gotten progressively worse. It seems as though I am constantly faced with a new symptom that completely consumes me. Once I conquer one, a new one appears. First, I had difficulty swallowing, then difficulty breathing which stopped me from eating solid food for a whole month (fear of choking/suffocating). Then I faced a traumatic event that triggered extreme depersonalization/derealization (this caused me to have a fear of going crazy that I still obsess over every single day). Now, about a month ago I started having stomach issues and found that I had an h pylori infection (bacteria in stomach). I took course of antibiotics and finished about a week ago. Since this incident, I suffer from constant nausea- something that is extremely unpleasant for an emetephobe (fear of vomiting). I feel nauseaous from the second I wake up to the second I go to sleep. This has caused me to have many panic attacks daily and constant fear as well as crying because I am TERRIFIED of vomiting. Just the thought of it throws me into panic. The doctor prescribed me an anti nausea medication called zofran (so strong that it is given to cancer and post-surgery patients). I have been taking it 2-3 times a day, every day for about 2 weeks and I am scared because not even that is helping the nausea. I only take it because it gives me a peace of mind that I WON'T vomit if I am taking it given it's strength. However, it causes severe constipation (I barely go once about every 10 days), sorry for the TMI. I don't know what to do anymore. As a result of the nausea, I have practically stopped eating, am barely drinking, can't sleep, and am afraid to leave my house. I constantly obsess over the way my stomach is feeling and how I may be sick and then start freaking out and having full blown panic attacks. Nothing is helping; I've tried the zofran, ginger tablets, tea, gravol, pepto bismol, saltine crackers, and ginger ale. I have tried eating and not eating, with neither making a difference. I hate feeling this way and am unable to live like this. I'm scared it will never go away, or that I will vomit (huge fear). Plus, I am only 16 and am scared to go back to school in September because of this nausea. I have practically spent the whole summer in my house, scared to leave because of how sick I feel. It has also been making me really depressed and I can't stand feeling this way. Interestingly, I haven't actually vomited yet throughout this whole thing but I am not sure if this is because it's all in my head or if its because I'm taking zofran. So I'm scared to stop taking zofran but the Doctor said it's bad to take it for a long period of time. Has anyone felt this way before? Is it all in my head? Does it ever go away? I'm in need of serious reassurance here. :(


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  • Its anxiety start drinking eating take exercise listen to some relaxing music do these in small steps and you will fel better get a routine in your life that helps to focus on thing

  • There's a saying "your head's out to get you" your over thinking, try to laugh at some of it, when I was bad I laughed at my silly brain sending those signals to my body putting all my senses on high alert as I'm there was a chain saw murderer in my home, the panic attacks are a different matter when they are bad and not funny at all!! Try bringing your senses to here and now, have you tried grounding! Look up how to do this as it's defenitely a very simple method t

  • Hi Tat, I'm so sorry to hear about all your problems. But it is your MIND :( once you discover there is tooooo much, your mind is giving you all these scary signals, and your thinking about them nonstop, and start saying NO !!! everytime you think about one of these symptoms, and yes its VERY HARD, I know I've been going through it for 50 some years, It is hard but so is living the way you are. So say no, and find SOMETHING, in your head that makes you smile or laugh, this will be your happy place. Remember, things that made you happy, made you laugh, made you smile, put them in your Happy Place. And when ever you get panicky, which is practically all the time right now, SAY NO!!!!! over and over and go to your happy place, smile, laugh, sometimes its really hard to find something to make you smile, or laugh, keep trying, cause while your searching for good thoughts, your not dwelling on the bad ones. I no just what your going through, when I was in 1st grade is when all mine started. I was afraid I'd have to go to the bathroom, when I was away from home, and someone would laugh at me, so it began, panics, everytime I had to go ANYWHERE, with in 5 seconds I'd have a full blown panic attack and terrible stomach ache :( My sister had the fear of Vomiting, she had to leave the movie theaters, and other places, because of her panic. She also had the fear or phobia someone would vomit around her, and that would really put her in a panic !! She got over her phobia in her 20s or 30s. I kept mine I'm an agoraphobic, its very hard for me to leave home. This is getting really long, like a book,lol so put a book mark in it and we'll get back to it, I'm going through a setback, pretty bad panic attacks right now. But now at least I can work with them better, so for now, you work on making a happy place to go to and start say NO!!!! the more you do this and it will take a lot, but it will get better, easier and last longer each time. Don't argue with yourself, it doesn't work, Just say NOOOO !!!! and go find your Happy place, I promise you this will work, and do your stress breathing every time it is amazing how much it will help. Just hollor when you need me, and I'll get back with you when I can. I'm usually only on here first thing in the morning :) hang on your not alone, were all here for support, cuz we all need some help :)

  • Thank you so much for the detailed reply. I really appreciate your feedback and will try these techniques. :)

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