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One morning

I hope to wake , with a refreshed feeling a smile & no pain and no worry what anxiety will bring me today, trying to now deal.with another night ahead of me at the mo my gum nerve is throbbing radiating into my ear neck I am goung to have an horlicks and sleep aid cos I need to sleep so badly. I am going to ring the dentist on Monday try get in as soon as poss need to numb all my gums so no pain sounds heavenly but hate needles arrrrrrrgh im.soo downright now dobt sant the things I used to can't function properly get bloods done on Wednesday check iron levels , gonna be a busy month , already making monday a pj day. Binkynoo.

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Sounds like you have a few stressful things happening

I hate dentists and not long ago I had to have a bridge done , lots of work it involved and I had to have lots of injections :-o

I am a nervous wreck when it comes to things like this , but the dentist knows and she took it step by step and you know what it was not bad at all and the end result was worth it

Any kind of toothache or mouth pain really can make me anxious and gets you down but once it is all sorted tell yourself that is one thing less :-)

You have a few other tests , just take each one as it comes , when I have more than one thing happening I send my anxiety through the roof but then I have to tell myself to slow down , just concentrate on the first thing and deal with the next when I have to because it doesn't need me dealing with it till I do

Good Luck with everything and I am sure when you have done these things you will feel such a relief and a lot better :-)

Take Care x


Thankyou so much bounce it's really getting me down and I never in all my life realised nerve pain tooth pain in more than one tooth is no words to describe pain that bad.I will rung the dentist tomo and tell them the nerve pain is getting g worse it hurts too look let alone have a glass of cool water. I will let you know. I will fight the anxiety best I can. Big hugs binkynoo.


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