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Back and hip pains

I am kind of struggling today. I have had really back Pains in my thighs bum yesterday and now today I have got the same kind of pains in my hips and all the bottom of my back is this normal for anxiety to cause this it feels like when you have pulled a muscle and hurts when you move any help and reassurance would be really helpful right now :'(

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In a nut shell, anxiety can cause all sorts of pain , odd sensations , funny feelings and sometimes when you home in on them it can make them worse!! Try a warm bath, take a gentle walk, take a couple of paracetamol. Try not to dwell on them too much!! I'm ignoring all my aches today lol. Take care and you're not alone.


Thankyou so much yes I think I will take your advice on taking some paracetamol and a nice calming hot bath with my anxiety mindfull meditation playing. Thankyou so much for your support it is really unbelievable that anxiety can do this :-)


I am just worried incase I have an infection or something because I have had an ear infection found cysts and now have really bad pains butte doctors said there's no signs of my body fighting off infection because my bloods came back normal xxx


Hi, I'm sure you'll be fine. If your worried, speak to your GP Monday. Have you hear of the books by Dr Claire weeks? Look on eBay ( self help for nerves) these books were a god send to me when I was in the darkest place!! I'm sure your experiencing high anxiety try and keep calm, relax to the best of your ability , we are all on this journey together it will get better!


I have experienced pains exactly as you describe especially at the start of my anxiety. I think that we get these pains for several reasons -

Chemical and hormone releases that come from stress and anxiety (flight or fight response, adrenaline etc.)

I also read that people with anxiety and depression are affected in a part of the brain that makes us more sensitive to pain so any pain you have will be worse.

Tension in the body - it is very possible to be tense without knowing also I have noticed that tension can be very subtle and that is why you dont think you are tense (I don't really know how to describe it but just trust me on this one lol) you may also be very tense in your sleep.

Also sometimes when you relax and your anxiety settles you can feel aches and pains because your body was tense and now the muscles are relaxing and you feel the after math.

We focus on pains and sensations there fore make them worse.

Fatigue - anxiety really wears the body out making us more sensitive to pain.

I hope this gives you some insight.

I think if you have aches and pains it is a good idea to take paracetamol as it will help you feel better with both pain and can give off s little relaxing effect once your pain goes away you stop worrying so theremin nothing wrong with taking it.


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