Back hurting an crying

Hi everyone I'm having not such a good day, I not only sufer with anxiety but also post traumatic syndrome! Does anyone cry at times for no reason but today my sister called and was kind of mean in a round about way I think at times people don't understand. It's seems also my back an chest an upper stomach hurt ESP back then I really get anxious does anyone experience this or is it me. Thank you bless you

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  • hi I have just sobbed my heart out for no reason other than anxiety.Its normal dont chew yourself up over it x

  • Thank you so much needed to hear that hope you feel better!

  • no problem here to help hope you feel better soon also xxx

  • i have a good cry often get it all out of your system try a hot water bottle and cuddle it sounds stupid but it works sometimes acts like a comfort blanket x

  • Bless you I will give it a try!x

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