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How to deal with a drastic change in routine for a weekend?

Hey guys. One of my biggest forms of anxiety that manifests itself is through my routines. I have the same basic routines each day, specifically my mornings and night. I have sleep issues in the past, so now I tend to go to bed at about 11:00-11:30 (I generally read about 15-30 minutes beforehand to help calm my mind and such). I wake up at 6:45/7:00. This routine has worked great, I feel like I get enough sleep, etc. When I wake up in the mornings, I always make sure to start my day with a glass of warm water - it really helps as well. I shower the night before and blow dry my hair, because if I don't, showering in the morning takes forever and my hair just does not look good unless I've slept on it. I also, for the most part, tend to eat the same things at about the same times. now, lunches and dinners sometimes deviate of course, but it's generally the same. This is also partly because I've had a ton of digestive issues in the past, so eating random foods/etc. causing my a great deal of anxiety.

Here's why I'm freaking out: tomorrow I will be leaving to visit a friend who lives about ten hours away. I will be driving to visit him (I won't be driving) with one other friend (more of an acquaintance, I've only met them once) of mine tomorrow morning throughout the day. Now, I know my friend doesn't normally shower at night or go to bed until about 2AM, and they also sleep in really late. I can't just ditch them and do my own thing, but I am terrified by what this drastic change would do to my body and my mental state. I am so stuck on my routines that this is just one of the worst things. I am terrified that my body/digestive system will be completely out of whack for at least a week. I have even considered not going on this trip (and that thought isn't completely eradicated yet)! It is Friday-Sunday. I don't want to regret not going, because I know that otherwise I will just be sitting at home all weekend, but I am terrified to go. Does anyone have any tips/advice/etc.?

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Will it be possible to stick to your routine? Will they understand?


I've been trying to figure out if there's a way. I'm not entirely sure if I can without directly affecting them, as I'm not sure what time they would plan on even goong back home at night and such. I understand how much of a nuisance itcan be to have a picky/etc. person who has to do things a certain way, and I'd like to be as little imposing as possible.


I experienced something similar a few weeks back. I don't have the same forms of anxiety as you but I was going on a trip that was going to mess with me. I was so stressed and worried about it all the time. (I even had to share a hotel room with 5 people I was only acquaintances with) but it ended up being totally fine. I just had to continually make sure that I was thinking positively and didn't let negative thoughts creep into my mind. As long as you can manage that, you can manage a weekend away!!!

Also, just be upfront with your friend about your situation, I'm sure they would totally understand

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Mackenzieluman is spot on! You need to push yourself out of your comfort zone - and make light of it to your travelling partner too. They may be having the same sort of worries. Nothing bad usually happens, and if it does - you know how to cope with it.

Put negative thoughts out of your mind as they cause digestive issues and think positive!

Have a brilliant time.



How you feel about holidays? They totally throw routines off. I also like to stick to a routine. Also when you try to eat something different, there goes your stomach . I think you'll be alright. Try not to think about it.😊 I would rather go to work, then change my routine!


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